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kingofwale said:
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kingofwale said:

name me 5 games on PS3 with score under 5 from gameranking? clearly history isn't repeating itself from PS2 era, for good AND bad.

There happen to be 8 games with your criterium.

Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire.....34.069%

The Golden Compass.....40.536%

Sonic the Hedgehog.....45.346%

History Channel: Battle for the Pacific.....47.500%

Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer.....48.654%

NFL Tour.....48.706%

Soldier of Fortune:Payback.....48.833%

Conflict: Denied Ops.....49.944%

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mesoteto said:
^agreed--i like to responed...*cough* shouldnt sony have stopped crap like lair?

From what I understand, Lair is partially Sony's fault. Early builds of the game used analog controls and Sony wanted it to make use of the SUXAXIS.

I think IGN's one of the best sites for wii reviews.

Reviewers generally are clearly struggling with provide wii games with reviews that compare fairly to other systems, and when games are airmed at such different groups, it's difficult to say whether a game should be rated according to how its target audience would respond to it, how the sites 'average reader' would respond to it, or just according to the reviewer's personal preferences. IGN tries to make it clear what's going on at least.

That's some real Conspiracy Entertainment quality you got there.

NYANKS said:
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darklich13 said:
Hawk said:

Oh, and wait. I'd consider a score of 3.9 and below shovelware myself, wouldn't you?

PS1: 95 games scored 3.9 or below
PS2: 89 games scored 3.9 or below
Wii: 34 games scored 3.9 or below (excluding VC games)

Yep, 34 games below 3.9 in less than a year in a half. Thats quite a bit.

360 is at 10

Ps3 is at 7

DS is at 59

I'm talking about the leading consoles in history here. And more specifically, the shift in 3rd party support. So, PS1 being the last shift in major 3rd party support.

I did a bit more research. And the amount of games under 3.9 on each system in the first 15 months is:

PS1: 19 games
PS2: 9 games
Wii: 34 games

Which you are right. A lot of shovelware on Wii. But. Lets add on number of consoles sold in the first 15 months. And number of shovelware games made per million in that time.

PS1: 2 million units. 8.5 shovelware games/mill in the first 15 months
PS2: 10 million units. .9 shovelware games/mill in the first 15 months
Wii: 21 million units. 1.6 shovelware games/mill in the first 15 months

Damn. Looks like the PS1 should've never gone anywhere huh? Shovelware is so damaging to a system. Or, in seriousness, shovelware is a result of success and the shift of 3rd party support.


Okay, first of all, we're in a new generation now, games are selling more and more so the increase is somewhat expected in that sense. Also, your comparing a veteran company like Nintendo to the then fledgling PS brand, the circumastances are a little different. That comparison is crap, the number of units you sell shouldn't allow you to make crap at a record setting pace. The difference in sales is no excuse for shit games. People are trying to make a quick buck off Ninty at a ridiculous pace. Only the first comparison using the time frame is a good one for that shows the amount of crap the Wii has on it at this point in it's life. I shudder to think about the amount of shovelware on this system if it keeps up like this.

::chuckle:: Yes, yes. Shudder, shudder. Of course you have the power to not buy shovelware, so I still don't understand why people try to say its a problem. I've personally never heard of, or seen a ton of these shovelware games people keep naming. I just don't buy them or look at them. Seems to work for me. But anyway.

And I love how people like to selectivly look at stats. Yep, you seem right. Crap games are being made for Wii at apparently record breaking levels. But just ignore the fact that Wii is record breaking in console sales. (currently selling faster than even DS and GBA at 15 months).

I'll give you some different stats then. Even though you'll over look these too. But I am a fan of ramming my head into the wall apparently. I looked up all games reviewed by IGN for each leading system of the last 3 generations (PS, PS2, and Wii) made within 15 months 10 days of the systems release (in NA). Since thats how long the Wii has been out. And I've tallied how many reviews were in each segment (0.0 to 0.9, 1.0 to 1.9,...). Here's some stats.

                                                        Shovelware                             Good Games
System        Total Reviewed   Games<2.9   Games<3.9         Games>7        Games>8

Playstation           114              11 - 9.6%       19 - 16.7%       47 - 41.2%      20 - 17.5%
Playstation 2        197                4 - 2%            8 - 4%          142 - 72.1%      90 - 45.7%
Wii                        187              18 - 9.6%       32 - 17.1%       71 - 38%         30 - 16%

Median Score (Score that 50% of reviewed games are above, and 50% below)

Playstation 6.0
Playstation 2 7.9
Wii 6.2

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Sooooo. In the only two times since the video game depression that the company with the highest selling console shifted, (Sony taking the lead with PS1, and Nintendo with Wii) the consoles are performing just about exactly the same in quality of games reviewed within the first 15 months.

Depending on where you want to cut off shovelware. Wii and PS have the exact same percentage at <2.9. At <3.9 the Wii only has 0.4% more shovelware. Looking at good reviews the Wii is only 2.2% or 1.5% behind PS with games above 7 and 8. But the Wii is a bit better than the PS in the median being 6.2 as opposed to 6.0.

Though, I have been wrong when I've posted statements that the PS2 had as much, or the same percentage of shovelware as Wii. Through this research, I find that I've been incorrect in thinking that. But, I have been right in saying that the Wii is performing the same as Playstation 1 when it comes to shovelware. And that's what matters more. The only other time that the highest selling console changed hands.

Edit:  Note:  Yesterday I said Wii had 34 games with a 3.9 score or below.  It's actually 32.  For some reason I thought 18 + 14 = 34 yesterday.  Today I used a calculator  ::grin:: 

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Resident_Hazard said:
mesoteto said:
^agreed--i like to responed...*cough* shouldnt sony have stopped crap like lair?


From what I understand, Lair is partially Sony's fault. Early builds of the game used analog controls and Sony wanted it to make use of the SUXAXIS.

Haven't heard that before, but regardless, the problem was the game controls, not the control method.  Apparently I will say that until the day I die.  Warhawk, Burnout, Motorstorm, etc all control beautifully with Sixaxis because the controls are coded well.


This is taken from the N64 wiki page

"The election of the cartridge for the Nintendo 64 was a key factor in Nintendo's being unable to retain its dominant position in the gaming market. Most of the cartridge's advantages did not manifest themselves prominently and they were ending up nullified by the cartridge's shortcomings, which turned off customers and developers alike. Especially for the latter, it was costly and difficult to develop for ROM cartridges, as their limited storage capacity constrained the game's content.

Most third-party developers switched to the PlayStation (such as Square and Enix, whose Final Fantasy VII and Dragon Quest VII were initially pre-planned for the N64), while some who remained released fewer games to the Nintendo 64 (Capcom, with only 3 games; Konami, with 13 N64 games and over 50 to the PlayStation), and new game releases were few and far between while new games were coming out rapidly for the PlayStation. Most of the N64's biggest successes were developed by Nintendo itself or by second-parties of Nintendo, such as Rareware.

Despite the controversies, the N64 still managed to support many popular games, giving it a long life run. Much of this success was credited to Nintendo's strong first-party franchises, such as Mario and Zelda, which had strong name brand appeal yet appeared exclusively on Nintendo platforms. The N64 also secured its share of the mature audience thanks to GoldenEye 007, Nightmare Creatures, Perfect Dark, Doom 64, Resident Evil 2, Shadow Man, Conker's Bad Fur Day, Duke Nukem 64, Duke Nukem: Zero Hour, and Quake II.

In 2001, the Nintendo 64 was replaced by the disc-based Nintendo GameCube."


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N54 wiki page?

Using wiki as a credible source displays incredible ineptitude.

Words Of Wisdom said:
N54 wiki page?

Using wiki as a credible source displays incredible ineptitude.

Not really, considering most things on Wikipedia are linked, and everything in that post is true.