Anyone Have Any Recommendations For Good Turn Based RPGs For Me?

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I was wanting to play a turn based RPG and I was wondering if you guys have any recommendations.


I have Gamecube, N64, Wii, 3ds, Ds, Ps3, and XBox 360 so if you guys have anything to recommend I'll really appreciate it.

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Valkyria Chronicles on PS3 is an amazing turn based RPG with a very unique strategy based gameplay. You are going to love it.

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Valkyria Chronicles and Ni no Kuni

VC as people already mentioned.

You'll struggle to find a copy, but Lost Odyssey was amazing on Xbox 360.

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Black Sigil for the DS. Huge Chrono Trigger influence in that one.

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Bravely Default!

Valkyria Chronicles and Ninokuni aren't traditional turn based games. That said, VC has a great battle system so it's definitely worth playing. Ninokuni is OK; I wouldn't play it till you go through some other games.

Since you have a PS3 you can try any of the Shin Megami Tensei games on PSN. I would go with SMT Nocturne, Persona 3 FES, or Persona 4 (if you don't mind not playing the Vita version) first.

SMT4 is also on 3DS along with Devil Survivor Overclocked. Bravely Default is a good one that's not SMT.

On Gamecube there is Baten Kaitos Origins and Paper Mario: TTYD which are great.

I've been enjoying FFX/X-2 HD lately, which is available on PS3. Disagaea is pretty fun too, especially since I like humorous games. The latter is more like Final Fantasy Tactics, however. I won't really say anything about role-playing games, since the whole term is bogus. (You play a role even in games like CoD.)

ethomaz said:
Valkyria Chronicles and Ni no Kuni

VC is totally worth it...Ni no Kuni not so much.

Check out Super Mario RPG and the Paper Mario series too. Wonderful spin on the Turn Based RPG format ^.^

I think some people skipped the turn based part. Ni no kuni certainly isnt turn based, its real time cooldown based. Valkyria is also not exactly turn based, but closer. You use action points to perform movement and you can shoot once with every member of the team. Its still very much real time because you have to react fast to enemy counter fire. But i guess you do use a turn to refresh everyones moves.

My recommendation are persona 3 and 4. Bravely default, FF 4 heroes of light (DS) and Final fantasy 3 remake are some of the more traditional ones. Actually both the DS and PSP have plenty that might be worth investigating for you. On GC, do get Skies of arcadia if you havent.