Watch Dogs to Wii U... But does anybody care?

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The game kinda blowed.



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it won't move any consoles that's for sure but I hope they have set their expectations in a reasonable range. 200k should be Ok.

I never played it because it didn't look special to me. Also, with Ubisoft dropping future core support for WiiU, there's not a chance I will buy this game.

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I'm going to buy it when I find it for 19 dollars in the eShop. I had a lot of hype when Ubisoft announced the version in February of 2013 after the PS4's presentation.

So basically that's why I'm going to buy it.

The game will flop btw

It will do not help Watch Dogs.


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I do.

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I certainly don't care, but I never cared past the first five minutes of the first trailer.

Not really but I don't care about the game in general and not just the wiiU version


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No. I'm not interested in the kind of game that Watch Dogs is, and even if I was, a 6 month delay just to put in an "interactive map" is pathetic. Ubisoft Bucharest deserves shaming because it's looking like they'll have a perfect track record of poor Wii U ports.

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    I'll just leave my review here