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Vasto said:
I tried both Xbox One and PS4 versions during the beta when they made it open for anybody to try. Did not see any difference at all. I thought DF already did a beta comparison of both versions?

The beta was running at 900p on XB1 and was exactly similar than the PS4 version, except the resolution.

Bungie had to downgrade effects when they improved the XB1 resolution, like apparently worse AA and also some reflections are missing from the XB1 version now compared to the Beta 900P XB1 version.

And we know from others users also that XB1 version is not locked (The PS4 version has always being locked since the Beta) and has some drops, not sure how frequent tough.

The fact that DF waits to publish their face-off is telling. Remember when they waited to publish Diablo 3 face-off? They were not so eager to tell us the Diablo 3 XB1 version was hovering at ~50fps during whole levels.

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LudicrousSpeed said:
Good. If it ends up the PS4 version looks slightly better, I hope this ends the parity clause nonsense that the PS4 users here whined constantly about when it was revealed they would both be 1080p.

Well, considering that we've beaten into their heads that the parity clause has absolutely nothing to do with anything like the Multiplatform game graphics, I wouldn't hold my breath. 



Hopefully digital foundry hurries up.

X1 part - clearly limited 16-235 range:

GribbleGrunger said:
pockethamster said:

You don't really understand do you?

In these screenshots The PS4 suffers from very low dynamic range which means that it is unable to show subtle diferences in light & dark shades - so all the lighter colours that Xbone can render beautifully on the PS4 they all display as white (and the subtle shadows display as black). This obviously compresses the tonal rage and therefore gives a more contrasty look becasue all the grey's and near blacks suddebly turn to solid black and all the light colours turn to solid white. Hence why it's most certainly not a good thing and you are not seeing anywhere near as many details.

All of this is quite clearly demonstrated throughout the screenshots, and in particular the one below.

Now you are welcome to prefer one over the other of course, and that may be the technically worse version (PS4) but in any professional capacity the better "quality" results are the Xbone. 

You're welcome

You have GOT to be joking. There's 'less' detail there because of bloom (looking straight into the sun).

No. Try watching the video - you will see that the cloud comes out of nowhere becasue the PS4 can't render the subtle diferences in ligh colors and instead blows it all to 255-255-255 white.

As I have said, all joking aside, I would guess that this is down to the capture method rather than a fault with the PS4; but reading the various defences of this problem is amsuing.

pockethamster said:
mr_capello said:
Isn't that the sun in the ps4 half of the picture you are looking at ?

errr no.

what the hell is this bright yellow glowing thing then ?

also even if they must have changed something on the xbox part becaus I remember other comparisons where the xbox always had crushed blacks and looked  awfull.

doesn't matter anyway no one will se a difference while playing

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bananaking21 said:
GribbleGrunger said:
bananaking21 said:
pockethamster said:
The difference is like that of a TV program (PS4) vs a film (Xbone) - I much prefer the more cinematic look of the Xbox.

most people prefer higher quality products though. 

I think he's joking ... He IS 'joking' isn't he?

he has no avatar. those without avatars are not allowed to be sarcastic or to be joking. and deserve no respect from us. 

friggen anons...

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I guess it's really difficult to commit to parity. Even when both versions are 1080p 30fps, the PS4 version has better effects, AA solution, and bloom.


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In this day and age, with the Internet, ignorance is a choice! And they're still choosing Ignorance! - Dr. Filthy Frank

Was this really a question, PS4 > XBone in graphics.

it's nice that they used PNGs, but the original capture is way too compressed to show any subtle differences...

I see a slight color difference, but that may be due to the output of the different consoles.... sharpness cannot be discerned on an image compressed like this, unless we talk about a striking difference, which I don't think this is the case here.

I have a PS4, I think that the PS4 version is not pushing the system at all... hopefully a better comparison with proper capture will let us see some subtle benefits to having a more powerful console (better shadows or AA) but this is entirely up to the developpers.