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It amazes me how much Nintendo trusted Next Level games. They really didn't have much of a strong portfiolio before Nintendo gave them a game. They made one game and Nintendo gives them the Mario IP and lets them make a Soccer game. That's pretty huge in my opinion. They only had made one game before and that was NHL Hitz Pro. Then as fitting, they get the next Mario Soccer game also. Then after a few shovelware games(but they did get a Spiderman game) they get Punch Out. Not a huge IP but still, they are still young studio. Then a few more shovelware games later(I guess they got a few big name games like porting Ghost Recon and transformers to the Wii. Even got a Captain America game. But stilll kind of shovleware) they get the Metriod IP(which got canceled, or who knows, they weren't part of Nintendo yet. The comcept art might have been them trying to pitch Nintendo a game) and then they get to work on probably one of Miyamoto baby's, Luigi Mansion 2. I'm very surprised that game got out of EAD. I'm really interested in seeing what they get next. They have been proving themself very well so far to Nintendo.

I guess to put a lot of trust in a western dev with some big IP's that was unknown and up and coming. If they did it with Next Level Games, I hope we hear more stories like this in the future. Since we all know, it appears they need some more devs to keep up with a steady stream of game. Plus, a lot of people think they need some more Western games in there library to try and hit a bigger market.


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I hope this and Retro make Nintendo acquire and make more and bigger studios in the West. I mean, that's where they get their biggest sales for home consoles, you'd think they would try to appeal/expand the market.

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well they gave retro studios metroid franchise only because miyamoto saw one game they had in development and he liked it.

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Well Luigi's Mansion 2 was pretty loved, so they must have made the right decision trusting them.


I thought Iwata was biased against western developers

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Nintendo needs a strong 2nd party developer like in their old successful days (Rare with N64). Retro games and Next Level games seem perfect!

I honestly like all their games. Punch Out is awesome. LM2 is great, the strikers games were all great fun. I'm totally a fan of their stuff.

They split off from EA. Nintendo liked what the team did while they were at EA.

I honestly don't want Next Level, or Retro, or anyone else to make another Metroid game.

I'd like Nintendo to kindly get off their own asses and make one again, a GOOD 2D one, a proper follow up to Super Metroid (which Fusion, while decent, wasn't), that many of us have been waiting for for over 2 decades now.

And to anyone who wants to trot out the tired old argument "but 2D doesn't sell on consoles", not only has that already been defeated by previous recent successes (DKCR2 notwithstanding, which while a good game, few were SUPER hyped for when announced), but I could almost guarantee that if Nintendo unveiled an honest to god Super Metroid follow up, in THAT style, in HD, on Wii U, people would be super fuckin' hyped for it.

The coincidence with Retro is heavy Nintendo supervison. Level5 are exclusively devs to Nintendo by choice if I am not mistaken.


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