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I can see now why it was obvious that we should've lynched wright, but at the time it didn't make any sense at all. Oh well. New game starting in two days!

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Smeags said:

Time to reveal my role...

I am Erin's magical pet sheep: Bhaltair.

Anyways, all credit goes to Words of Wisdom, as he was the sole creator of the flavor, set up, and analysis. I was just there to tally votes and gain a unique perspective of watching you all fall over one another.

But yeah, WoW made a pretty incredible twist to the game and it was a blast to watch.

I think a special kudos goes to Carl, who really applied some smart intuition and support to help town. Healed Truck Night 1 when he used the StimPack, healed Truck on Night 2 when attacked, correctly called out Wright as a non-town, correctly called out Padib as Kerrigan. Unfortunately he didn't follow through!

The Lucky's Rabbit Foot award goes to Wright, who somehow... someway... made it to Day 5. His role PM goof, his use of EMP on Padib, Padib's worst case attack on Wright on Night 3 (Seriously, any other combination of Zerg would have killed him )... but at the start of day 5 he stood tall.

B-A-A-ltair. lol