Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Your wii u wont be able to handle both versions of Bayonetta(in terms of storage)

Bayonetta 1 and Bayonetta 2 are rather large games, as some may have expected.

Bayonetta 2 requires 14.6GB if you plan on picking up the digital version. And together, Bayonetta 1 and Bayonetta 2 take up 32.2GB of space.

Get your hard drives ready!


This is unless you have extra hardrive for storage :P


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only 14GB? Interesting

Bayonetta 2 is smaller than the first game is...

Been using a 640 GB external since launch. I decided to go digital for the most part on Wii U, so 32 GB wasn't really gonna cut it xD

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So Bayo 2 is lower than Bayo 1 in space?
If the OP is right Bayo 1 have 17.6GB
So 3 GB more even being a gen older.

And man, they should really avoid making this consoles versions with low HD, what a nuisance.

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Bayo 1 can't be that big, the 360 version was on a single dual-layered DVD9.

Wow thats pretty big for a game on wiiU! Oh well, my hard drive is ready!


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looks like Nintendo helped compressing the game with their special software.

I just checked, and Bayonetta on Xbox 360 was 6.8GB, how the hell do a few extra costumes kick that up to 18GB!?

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curl-6 said:
I just checked, and Bayonetta on Xbox 360 was 6.8GB, how the hell do a few extra costumes kick that up to 18GB!?

Nintendo sucks at optimising?