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Yusuf has confirmed X1 had a great launch in Japan.


All Hail PR Master Yusuf.

First serious bet made with TheDrill...on his word since X1 have more than halved the GAP globally in USA in November (400k of 1M) and will definetilly outsell PS4 100k weekly from now on, in 10 weeks Starting December it will pass PS4 globally in USA. So if by end of march give or take 20 days X1 pass PS4 he wins if not I win. The loser will permaban himself. Alternatively can ask mods to allow to be called Toastboy Jr (TheDrill) or FlamingWeasel (DonFerrari).

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X1 saved! I knew it!

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lmao XD

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So where's the content that matches the thread title?

RolStoppable said:
So where's the content that matches the thread title?

You're supposed to make your own content. Do we have to spoonfeed everything to you?



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Well the man would know, after all he was there to greet the one customer..

All Hail the Jester King. The King is back, and I am still a dirty girl prof ;)

The headline should read " Xbox One does as badly as everyone thought it would">


Considering the Xbox brand's strength in Japan, I'm not expecting "great" to mean a huge amount.

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 Well gee yes from gaf too

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If the X1 Japanese launch is considered a success, then by that logic, the 360 Japanese launch was record breaking, in which it wasn't.....