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In Summer Lesson, the player is transported into the bedroom of a Japanese schoolgirl.


Sony has showcased a potentially controversial new game to show off the technology behind its new Project Morpehus virtual reality headset. 

Sony introduced the new game, called Summer Lesson, during its pre-Tokyo Game Show press conference, Mat Smith at Engadget reports. It's made by the same team behind the popular Tekken fighting series. In Summer Lesson, the player is transported into the bedroom of a Japanese schoolgirl, whom you can interact with by either nodding or shaking your head.


Sony's Project Morpheus headset is set to bring high-definition virtual reality to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. The device is still a prototype, and so Sony is introducing new technology demos to showcase the headset's virtual reality capabilities.

With lingering camera angles focusing on the skirt and chest of the game's schoolgirl, Summer Lesson is already triggering controversy in the gaming world. People on Twitter are calling it "strange," "questionable" and "divisive." It's "basically an excuse to stare at a high school girl," said one commenter. The game follows a storm of negative press surrounding the way women are represented in video games. Video game critic Anita Sarkeesian, for example, recently faced death threats after criticizing the way women are portrayed in mainstream video games.


Despite making up nearly half of the audience for video games, women are underserved in the video game industry, with games such as Assassin's Creed heavily criticized for their absence of female characters.


Watch a demonstration of the virtual reality headset in a clip from the Sony media event below:



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That guy's shirt....Anyways, I don't see the problem, we all know japan has a fixation for school girls, even more so when they are teens. I mean, there wasn't anything sexual or malicious in the video, it's not like she was being fisted, elbow deep or something weird like that.

And if this is from the tekken team, can I upper cut that hoe?

EDIT: Oh for fuck's sake, is anything against woman some sort of sexual attack or something? Everything that isn't extremely positive about women is an attack from a feminist's eyes and leave Anita out of this -_-

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Whaaaaaat? There is absolutely nothing wrong with that game... No, I'm being serious! :S

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  • Man, I really love Harada san. He knows how to embrace his inner otaku and was even wearing an Idolmaster shirt haha. Unfortunately, this will get flamed and criticized by the western media.

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Only ones complaining are those who have no idea how Japan works!

PS: thread is broken. 50% of all comments are completely black!!!!

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Shows how much hope this technology has. Useless.

foodfather said:
Shows how much hope this technology has. Useless.

How so?  

This is a global reveal albeit in japanese. I'm not sure this kind of game is a good way to introduce the system to the world.

Women have a legitimate reason to be upset about this, the female sex is constantly under attack and this is just one form of objectification.

I'm not making this up, and though I'm not a woman I know this is a fact about our world.

Though this excerpt is about Feminism and pornography, it still applies here to a game or demo where there is a heavy emphasis on ogling a young schoolgirl.

This won't be controversial at all. It will be fine in Japan and will never release outside of Japan.

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Ka-pi96 said:
This won't be controversial at all. It will be fine in Japan and will never release outside of Japan.

The pre-TGS was still global, and this could go down as a bad starting point for how the rest of the world sees Morpheus being used.