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SCEJA executive also expresses feeling good about the Vita's direction.

Sony Computer Entertainment announced a number of new PlayStation 4 games during its Japan Asia press conference earlier this week. But there is a lot more to come, according to SCE Japan Asia senior vice president Hiroshi Ueda.

“I’m glad that, of all the titles we showcased, they were exceedingly abundant in variety,” Ueda stated in the latest issue of Dengeki PlayStation. “If we limit the number to packaged [retail] games, not including download versions, I believe by March of next year we’ll be able to have 170 titles announced to date.”

He elaborated on his thoughts regarding the console maker’s showings from SCE Japan Asia’s press conference earlier this week, saying that, “Developers in Japan are feeling the momentum that the PS4 has been building up and are increasingly seeing opportunities for developing games on the platform.”

In particular, “When I learned about Dragon Quest: Heroes, I was both shocked and really delighted. It has the potential to become the game with the highest attach rate released thus far; the amount of responsibility and nerves I’m feeling over its prospective success is hard to put into words.”

Moving forward, Ueda feels that one of Sony’s main objectives in curating PlayStation 4 games is to “make sure that the games that we do have lined up moving forward attract their audiences.” Furthermore, in terms of the console’s overall feature set, he said, “It’s difficiult to answer to everyone’s demands, but we’ll keep listening to consumer feedback and continue to expand on the platform.”

Ueda also had a few words to say about PS Vita and its ongoing prospects.

“The number of players actively using PS Vita is quite high,” he asserted, “which has made creators and developers express their belief to us that they can sell games on the handheld… I think we’ll also see some games based on existing smartphone titles come to the PS Vita.”



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Is he talking about just Japan?

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