Forums - Sony Discussion - Anyone getting Destiny (PS4)?

and want to possibly do strike and maybe raid stuff?

I'm going to be getting the PS4 version, if that matters (which if I remember right I don't think there is cross-platform play).

My PSN ID is lijasi so feel free to add me if you want.


P.S. First thread. Not really sure if this should have been in the Gaming or Sony thread since I was asking about the PS4 version specifically and also sorry if there is a thread for this already, I kind of tried to search for one and couldn't find it.

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Not on PS4 sorry, I'll add you though if you ever want to play any other game.

superfluous question!i m sure!every sony gamer here will buy it;) dont you sony gamers?

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I don't get this, I really don't. How's everybody so hyped up for the Brainless Shooter #6,793 ? Haven't we had enough of those?

I honestly don't know why anyone would get it on any other console/platform at this point. The exclusive items are fookin badass.

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Yeah I'm getting it. I'll add you later when I get on my PS4.

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not on ps4 or any other console
pc maybe

i lost my bet with der Nebel

after 10m worldwide ps4 sales announcement at gamescom, while vgc was at 9, and the 538k npd september, there is no chance ps4 will sell less than 15m units unitl end of 2014

The Alpha sold it since June... fucking amazing game that everybody needs to play.

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Psychotic said:
I don't get this, I really don't. How's everybody so hyped up for the Brainless Shooter #6,793 ? Haven't we had enough of those?

Well I love shooter games (2nd favorite genre, only behind RPGs) But I'm sure there are plenty of people who call shooters bland etc..... who will be buying this game. Why? not sure. Maybe they think it's innovative on somre level (it's not) but that's just my opinion. Enough ranting from me

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I'll be playing on that version too. You can add me i'm not around my PS4 right now.

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