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Saw this on an online retailer for CoD Advanced Warfare, and it made me laugh.


Add Hype! Lol!

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So how do we add hype?

+1 hype?

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Hype down

I'd be pretty hype for Advance Wars though

I'm pretty hyped about the lack of hype for this game.

but I'm not a gamer

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No. Remove all the hype!

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Sal.Paradise said:
I'd be pretty hype for Advance Wars though

The funny thing was that I was hyped for this (CoD:AW) because I was thinking they'd finally figured out that there's actually an audience for strategy-heavy games...

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AW is actually the first CoD game I'm hyped for, for a few years.

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iceland said:
I'm pretty hyped about the lack of hype for this game.

And I'm hyped because you're hyped for the lack of hype for Advanced Warfare!


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