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So assuming the leak is real (Which is pretty much confirmed by now), are you happy with the final roster? Some fan favorites that are missing include

-Ice Climbers



Also I find it weird Dr.Mario and Dark Pit have their own slots, since they would probably just be alt costumes

So are there any characters you really wanted that didn't show up? I was really hoping for Bandana Dee (Kirby), Louie (Pikmin) and Shadow (Sonic)

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Yes, And the 1-5 a year we get as dlc will be awesome as well!

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Im actually disappointed that Saki or Isa did not make the cut again EDIT: No Golden Sun representatives either. The roster great but I feel they did not branch out into enough new unused IP's.

That isn't the final roster...the Miis aren't even on it. We know more characters are missing and there are numerous rumors as to what they are.

F-Zero still doesn't have any new representatives

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is it time for a FF character ?

Tsubasa Ozora

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kljesta64 said:
is it time for a FF character ?

No.Golden Sun should be represented first.

So far yea! But than again, I was happy when they showed ZSS


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Who is to the left of ROB?

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CDiablo said:
Who is to the left of ROB?

Dog from that dog cat game on ds