Have you gotten all 242 stars in SMG?

Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Have you gotten all 242 stars in SMG?

Thax soriku Im currently on toy time galaxy I will tell you when I beat the game with mario I will probably do it today(only 2 stars missing)

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Got 'em all. A little OT but didn't think it was worth making a new topic just for this.

If you have unlocked both completely which do you prefer to play as?

I prefer Luigi with his speed and higher jumps. The speed can be an issue if you play recklessly but it's also quite fun.

Got them all, It took me about 5 weeks to get all 242

Yep, took me a while because... I was doing something, can't remember what.
Easily the best game I bought last year.

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Yes, i've finished it in january, and i've enjoyed it all the way thru... not really that challenging, but a few stars were quite hard to get anyway...

A little bit disappointed by the Luigi's 120 stars though, as "some" things could have been different (Luigi has to find... Luigi, and in the exact same places, or you have to beat Bowser 4 times, exactly the same way, etc). But i wanted to see the "real" end, so...


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I have 65 with Luigi, haven't played it in a while.

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i have 120+13 starts, im getting bored, theres nothign new and luigi doesnt know how to stop running!! lol

I pre-ordered the game, yet I only have 59 stars so far. >_>

I haven't finished No More Heroes, either. ;_;

I have 5 stars with Luigi....then I decided to start playing Starcraft again. That game is evil.

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