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When we reach the top three contestants what should the name of the thread title be?

Three contestants left who will win!!! 35 39.33%
Seven less popular franch... 21 23.60%
Three left will the winner be who uou except? 8 8.99%
I have a much better titl... 25 28.09%
Mr.Playstation said:
Updating from AZWification ( Animal crossing eliminated )

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Fire emblem +

Kirby -




Don't die Kirby!!!!


+ Zelda
- Kirby

I don't like Kirby much... My least favorite one of Nintendo's franchises and one of the only ones I don't particularly care for. That franchise should have been eliminated before Animal Crossing and certainly Yoshi.

+ Metroid
- Pokémon

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Sorry Pokemon, but you are too big for your own good.

+ Metroid
- Pokemon

+The Legend of Zelda

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+ Star Fox
- Pokemon

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For my second vote, I'll say:

+ Donkey Kong
- Star Fox

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