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It's time for what you've all been waiting for (no, it's not The Last Guardian). We're up for another elimination game! This time we will find out what is VGChartz favourite Sony franchise.

Each upvote gives 3 points, while each downvote removes 5 points. Every gamje starts with 80 points, and uou can vote every 4 hours. Please have your upvote first and your downvote second, like this:

+God of War

-Jak and Daxter


Here's the contestants:

Ratchet and Clank          DEAD

Jak and Daxter                WINNER!!!!

Crash Bandicoot             DEAD

God of War                      DEAD

Resistance                        DEAD

Killzone                             DEAD

Infamous                           DEAD

Gran Turismo                   DEAD

Motorstorm                     DEAD

WipEout                           DEAD

Socom                               DEAD

MediEvil                           DEAD

If you're wondering why Uncharted isn't there, it's because a competetion is no fun when the winner is already decided.

Here we go!


#12 Socom

#11 Resistance

#10 Motorstorm

#9   MediEvil

#8   WipEout

#7   Killzone

#6   Gran Turismo

#5   Infamous

#4   Ratchet and Clank

#3  Crash Bandicoot

#2  God of War

#1  Jak and Daxter

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+ God of War
- Medievil

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+ Crash Bandicoot
- Wipeout

+ Infamous
- Medievil

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+ Crash Bandicoot
- Killzone

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+ God of War
- Resistance

+Ratchet and Clank
- Motorstorm

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+ Jak and Daxter
- Socom

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+ Crash Bandicoot
- Motorstorm

+ God of War
- Resistance

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