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Should Wii U/3DS get Minecraft?

Yes, they deserve it 166 61.71%
No, keep it on the hardcore devices 53 19.70%
see results 50 18.59%

So I was scrolling through facebook and came upon an article by Nintendo Enthusiast (great site, be sure to check them out) and I found out that Daniel Kaplan, a renowned developer at 4J Studios, made a statement that he won't put games on platforms with low install bases. (article here but what doesn't make sense is that Minecraft released on Vita, which has sold rougly 9m units, and hasn't released on 3DS, which has sold 45m units. I could maybe even understand the limitation of not having a C stick before, but now with the "new" 3DS on the way, there are no excuses for why the 3DS shouldn't get it in it's lifetime. Another thing is the type of people playing the Vita are probably there for the shooters or action adventure games, not the creative, casual style game Minecraft is. Also another huge amount of Minecraft gamers are children, and Vita doesn't have that many. 3DS and Wii U both have large numbers of casuals and kids (more so 3DS) so I don't see why they don't get it. Or does it make any sense that a console geared for a game like that, the Wii, gets skipped but PS360 get it and they've both sold significantly lower numbers than that of the Wii. I don't know tell me what you guys think


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They would probably sell a lot on Wii. It should be an option.

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Because it's very apparent that Notch doesn't like nintendo.

Considering the Wii U has (confirmed) over 90% of it's user base online, and a great majority of those owners download software, hence the fact that there is literally a huge line of indie games continually building up, coming to eShop...........yeah, it makes very little business sense at all not to port it. It would sell. The game is overrated as hell. But it would absolutely sell, on this AND 3DS. So they either just don't like money, or don't like Nintendo.

What's the point? Minecraft is dead and everyone knows it.

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I found it more interesting that Xbone < Wii U... yet it's coming to Xbone.

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They just don't like Nintendo.

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amak11 said:
What's the point? Minecraft is dead and everyone knows it.

Games that are consistantly in the software sales Top 10 are dead? Interesting.

I think it's less that Notch doesn't like Nintendo but more that Nintendo doesn't like third parties. Historically Nintendo have been exceedingly arrogant in their dealings and their policies are comparatively draconian so I think most companies would just save the bother.

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I thought it was that they were working on so many versions of Minecraft that they didnt have time for Nintendo versions.

The true test will be later this year/next year. When they should be finished with the others.