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I've never played a video game.

So why did they call it the 360?because when you see it, you'll turn 360 degrees and walk away- some guy on Gamespot
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senseinobaka said:
fagarcia75 said:
I HAVE NEVER PLAED Super Mario 64!!!!!!!!

Forgive me all.

 But you have PLAYED it right?



no haven't done that either!! (*gasp*); Sure would like to though, maybe I'll downlowd it on the VC if I can ever figure out how to go online with Vista.

I have never played a Final Fantasy.
I am a Resident Evil fanboy, but I have only played part 1, 4 and UC.
I own Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz.
I got my first console, a N64, with Sinterklaas (a Dutch holiday that's a lot like Christmas), and although SM64 was packed in, the first game I unpacked (before the N64 itself) was.... NBA Courtside.
I don't really like Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.
I haven't touched Zack & Wiki since I finished it.. even though I was promoting it myself.
I have never owned a handheld.
I pleasure myself while looking at a picture of Albert Wesker. (Ok I'm kidding.)

I drink your milkshake.


i have never played Kingdom Hearts


fazz said:

rendo said:
This one time, I was in a Walmart, and it was sitting there. I told myself I shouldn't.... But I was curious.... I knew it was against my better judgement, but something was drawing me in.... I.... I don't know if I should say this... I played Far Cry Vengeance. :( 

I HAVE Far Cry Vengeance...

Other confessions...

I like Sony Ericsson cell phones despite hating Sony

I don't think Microsoft is that bad of a company... I actually like Windows XP


 Sony's cell phones aren't that bad, even though their other products blow.  And I also like Windows XP, Microsoft actually tries, unlike some companies.

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I like Windows Vista

You people disgust me.

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mesoteto said:

i have never played Kingdom Hearts

Heathen! The Harvest Goddess has not forgiven you and someday you shall pay the price! My confession: I sometimes quote video games that most people have not played...please forgive me!

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Nintendo_Dude said:
I've never played a video game.
God kill you for your SIN, is the worst sin ever.


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fagarcia75 said:
I HAVE NEVER PLAED Super Mario 64!!!!!!!!

Forgive me all.


That's a good thing. It's so broken it's nearly unplayable.