Trolls drive Anita Sarkeesian out of her house...

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I will never understand the knee-jerk reaction that some people in gaming seem to have with regards to anything "feminist". I have watched Anita Sarkeesians videos and they are completely harmless. For the life of me I can't seem to find anything in her videos so inflammatory as to incite the kind of response that she gets. Why isn't disagreeing with her enough? Why must those who disagree with her also resort to personal attacks? The punishment does not seem to fit the crime here.

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I mean I don't particularly like her or her videos since she isn't even a gamer and admitted that she doesn't know shit about video games but this is totally uncalled for.

This is stupid in every possible way. First retarded ppl harassing her is just unaceptable and second she turning this into a male gamers attack female gamer scenario is also plain wrong. It realy is a retarded troll attack someone cause theyre bullies scenario.

As much as I dislike her and her videos, that is too much. Can't we just go back to spamming the comments, harmlessly?

EDIT: What attack of "women in tech" is she talking about? It's really just some mouthbreather, neckbeard giving her a hard time. That idiot is probably too shy to make social contact with anything, let alone commit murder.

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I agree with everyone here. This is just ridiculous & out of line.

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"Women in tech", lol.

I also get driven out of my house by threats quite often. Monday to Friday around 7am.

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I gotta say, I enjoy watching Anita Sarkeesians videos. They are interesting and insightful. In some cases I think she has some valid points but I don't agree with everything she says. The unfortunate thing is that whenever I try to find responses to Anita Sarkeesians videos on youtube they are all filled with Ad Hominem attacks that barely even address the arguments she was making. I don't get this. As far as I can tell Anita Sarkeesian is not a militant feminist, or atleast she does not come off that way from the Tropes vs Women in Gaming videos that I have seen. As far as I can tell she hasn't gone off on any rants about hating men in those videos so why are the responses always so negative rather than just addressing the arguments? I'd really like to see level headed responses to her videos instead of "Why Anita Sarkeesian is an Idiot". Is the gaming community incapable of that?

Is there any evidence of this?


KylieDog said:
Is there any evidence of this?

yea she pasted a screenshot of a twitter page filled with comments similar to "i wanna drink blood out of you p***y"    and had her adress and parents names in some (obviously blacked out in the picture and i censored it because the last time i used a word similar like that i got banned)


the troll got the reaction he wanted and this will only further the problem.

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God damnit, some people are just unfixably stupid

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