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Well PSN is back up for me on my PS4. Anyone else?

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Wanderlei said:

Except like I pointed out companies like Blizzard, Valve and Microsoft have two step verfication which kills 99% of these scams in their tracks. The reality is that these scams exsist and people will fall for them. The fact is Sony dosnt have basic industry standard to protect their customers shows they dont care.

Not to mention this happened before in 2011 and still didnt learn their lesson which proves they are either lazy, incompentent or just dont care or most likely all three.

 -PSN gets hacked in 2011
-lie about it for 2 weeks
-finally admit they lost 60 million users personal info
-PSN is shut down for 2 months
-offer to make amends
-10% discount on playstation plus subscription guys!!!
-Finally give away a game after fans throw a shitstorm and threaten class action law suit


Oh look Blizzard and MS were hit too.. that puts paid to your two step verification stuff being of any use to anyone when we are talking about DDOS. I hope you are now going to be asking MS and Blizzard to upgrade their services to "Industry standard" ..lolz

BBC News.

Microsoft's XBox Live, Blizzard's Battle.net, and Grinding Gear Games are among others to have reported being disrupted over the weekend.

The attacks coincided with a bomb scare involving a flight carrying a Sony executive.

An American Airlines jet was diverted after a threat was made online.

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TheJimbo1234 said:
Wow, these kids need to get laid and get a life. Ruining a load of peoples time because you think you can change some huge company is just delusional.

Never heard of that pokemon.

There is no need for this. Sony has done nothing wrong. I'm no Sony fan but this is not right. Hope it's back up and running for all the Sony fans. I would be pissed if this happened to Live.

There is no need for this. Sony has done nothing wrong. I'm no Sony fan but this is not right. Hope it's back up and running for all the Sony fans. I would be pissed if this happened to Live.

It happened, but thankfully most didn't lost access to MP functions. Not sure if because of smaller scale, better infrsestructure, being alert because Sony and others were attacked and they warned they would attack. Anyway those pricks didn't affect much ms live players.

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Whoever this is, seem like a collective group of morons.

Thats funny, because due to their antics (including making bomb threats to airlines), the US Government is out to destroy these clowns. Let's see who goes first? Sony? Or idiot "hackers" who bought some DDOS software.

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Raziel123 said:

Man. Why make other people suffer? I just dont get it.

They just don't like people playing on consoles at all. They want everyone to just to play on PC. Their activist PC eiltists lol.

I am going to enjoy their jealous face even more when bloodborne comes out.

How are you going to see them?

Probably in forums where PC gamers post including this one.



This whole fiasco won't last for a week, but we'll be talking about it till November.

People taking this console war crap too seriously to forget that were all gamers and this hurts everybody... well almost everybody...

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