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Hacker Group Vow to Destroy Sony Featured

Written by  Mike Tomasson

The PlayStation Network is currently down to due a bombardment of DDoS attacks. Hacker group, Lizard Crew, boast about how they took the PlayStation Network down.

This is not the first time Sony's services have fallen victim to cyber terrorism, and certainly wont be the last. In 2010 the PlayStation Network service was down for almost a whole month. With Sony now chargin a premium fee for the service they will need to ensure that their network is

Reportedly, The Lizard Crew are behind the attacks. Their official twitter page claims that this is the first strike of many to come to put an end to Sony, once and for all.

UPDATE 1: Reason given for attacks is, "PC MASTER RACE".

UPDATE 2: Member of Lizard Squad claims to have retrieved data from Sony's Datacenter. 

UPDATE 3: PlayStation Network service available to some -- Sony fixing security breach.



Source: http://eskimopress.com/news/games/item/525-hacker-group-vow-to-destroy-sony

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DDOS attack has nothing to do with hacking.

Edit: They think they are hackers, but they are just overloading PSN servers with some PC's with crap, nothing to do with bad security. The only companys who are good protected against this bullshit is someone like Google/Amazon (they have the biggest/most servers)


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What happened to that other hacking group that vowed to destroy Sony? Oh yeah they're sitting in a jail cell.

Sigs are dumb. And so are you!

Nice to see Eskimoes have their own press. Too bad they suck at grammar.

So cute when lil ol hackers come with their ddos and vow to rule the world, im gonna pinch their lil cheeks bless

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Man isn't that great, now those idiots have even pulled the PC gaming community, which they ironically hacked beforehand as well, into this. Some people are just pathetic.

This is gonna be fun. Can't wait for a certain group of fanboys to spin this as Sony's fault.

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The reason is the stupidest thing like ever.....

And this is coming from a PC gamer.

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Man some fanboys are just sore losers lol

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It's so nice that people have nothing better to do with their lives than screw up the lives of others.