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It is as if America has woken up and realized that Microsoft practices deceipt. I fought so hard for years to try to wake up gamers to return to Playstation--who provided the best gaming during the PS1 and PS2 generations--but my methods did not work. It took Microsoft themselves to show people how disloyal a company they are.They announced the DRM and constant internet connection requirement for Xbox one at E3 two years ago. That was just the beginning.

They released a 100 dollar more expensive console than Sony with a forced Kinect pack-in that most gamers didn't want. They said that XB1 was meant to be a multi media machine first and gaming second. Two more mistakes. They focused on TV and Xbox TV programming. MS stated that there would never be an XB1 without Kinect and that it was intregal to the future of XB1. It didn't help that Don Mattrix said that those that don't like DRM can still play Xbox without it. The machine known as Xbox 360. What an insult!

More recently, they have went back on most of what they said. They unbundled Kinect, dropped the price, and now say games first. They lied and lied. Those that bought the $500 XB1 were screwed over, thinking that Kinect would be a continued future focus that would be constantly supported and improved upon. To add insult to injury, they offered no money or free games to compensate those early and faithful MS buyers of XB1 in the beginning.

More recently there was a deceptive MS commercial for Xbox one that feartured a Breaking Bad actor to promote the Xbox one's Kinect features, yet says at the end of the commercial that Xbox one starts at $399. The commercial made it seem like the new Kinectless Xbox would have the Kinect features for $399!

They went back on the DRM, constant internet requirement, because of negative customer feedback, but they also went back on their word on other things as well. They have exposed the lying company they are. I tried to tell everyone for years, but nobody would believe me! I knew when they abandoned the original Xbox too quickly and put out the very defective RROD 360's, that they were not to be trusted. Now everyone can see for themselves. My fight is over and Playstation has taken back America with NPD victories for 7 months straight.

Welcome back Playstation! The PS4 is the number one home console in the whole world right now. It looks like it will stay that way for this whole generation. MS has done about everything to take back America this year, but have failed. Even Wii U has been outselling XB1 worldwide for the last month. It seems like some sanity has returned to this nation. Thank you America for putting Playstation and Sony back at #1 again.


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In my view,you take these consoles wars way too seriously.

The battle will continue. Microsoft is not waving a white flag. They will come back stronger then ever or just fade in the background. But it's not over just yet.

I thought Microsoft did a lot for gaming in general, but not as much for consoles. They gave me some pretty damn cool games over the years (mainly on OG xbox) though.

But I think you take this too seriously , Sony does most, if not all of this stuff and is looking towards an always online future too. But they aren't met with the same outcry of hate for some reason.

But I seriously don't care they are both cool to me and I love them both as long as they provide me with games i like (love Nintendo more than both, game boy was my only consoles for so long).

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I like that the X1 is struggling. It's making MS more competitive.

I liked when PS3 was struggling as well. Tons of price cuts and free games.

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I have to agree with you, Microsoft made lots of things that pissed of gamers.

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So it's a civil right movement thing then? :)

seriously, lighten up and don't take these console matters so seriously.

You're one funny man, I must say!

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I definitely can understand some of the anger toward Microsoft.
I owned both the original Xbox and Xbox 360.
I had a blast with the original.
The 360 I really enjoyed until its later years. The dashboard became completely dominated by advertisements. It no longer felt like a console, but a media device that begged me to spend money. It promoted mostly the things that I dislike, and most of these things I believe did not need any more media coverage. Eg. Rihanna, Lady Gaga etc. The fact that they had advertisement made me wonder why I was paying for Live when they would have been making money promoting the mainstream.
I'm not interested in pop music so I don't want it littering my gaming space. That and the DRM fiasco many people know all too well.

I also owned a Playstation and Playstation 2. I skipped 3 because many of my friends had a 360. Microsoft managed to market itself well, I give it that.
Now I know not to buy something just because it is popular.
I often think back to how I should have bought a Playstation 3 instead but that seems far too late with the Playstation 4 out now (I wish there was backwards compatibility).

I have always gone with multiple consoles. This gen it will definitely be Playstation 4 and Wii U hands down.


Edit: I would like to note that I am more skeptical of Microsoft than anything. I don't necessarily hate them, but I don't see myself buying an Xbox One anytime soon as it appears to continue what I did not like about the later years of the 360. This does not mean I would not ever play the console or any of its games.

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