Sony Is Working Towards “a Future Where Consoles Could Disappear” as it Tackles Cloud Gaming

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Will not support this, I always prefer physical gaming to digital. I won't stop gaming but it will be a bitter pill to swallow and I'll resist it as long as I can.

"I think it will be the HDS"-Me in regards to Nintendo's next handheld.

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Fusioncode said:
POE said:
Fusioncode said:
POE said:
Well, it makes sense for them to do this since they are one of the principal culprits of making console gaming disappear.

They're the only ones who've made a successful console this gen. Hard to hear I know. 

At the cost of anti consumer stuff.

You mean like them region locking their systems? Oh wait that's Nintendo...

No, i mean like paying for online, or remaking a one year old game.

tuscaniman99 said:
toot1231 said:

I don't support digital games at all.

If physical games dissapear then I will not support any "system" or company that does it.

I know for a fact im not alone on this.

How do you watch movies or listen to music? Video games will have to be like other forms of media or die out.

I listen to music on CDs, still buy them now and then, haven't bought a single digital song yet.
I buy movies on blu-ray, but I do occasionally rent one digitally since I have no physical rental option anymore. (And usually end up hating the compression artifacts and lack of options)
Cloud gaming: no ownership, extra lag, compression artifacts, compressed sound, not for me.

I only buy digital downloads if there is no other option, which is indie games. I have bought some AAA games on Steam in sales, yet hardly play on PC anymore. My interest in PC gaming became a lot less when PC games disappeared from stores.

By the time consoles disappear I'll be in my late 50's anyway and probably be happy with retro gaming. I do want to experience VR, but I don't see how that can work from the cloud. Any lag will ruin the immersion and cause motion sickness. Any head movements need to be updated in real time, preferably at 75hz or more. You show me a cloud server that can do the full round trip, poll movement, transfer data, render frame, compress frame, transfer data, decompress frame, display data in 13ms consistently without any hickups or compression artifacts in a 4K image x 2.

It will not happen for us, but for the next generation who will think we were stupid to have a hardware and not a cloud service, but for now, gamers dont want that

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Mystro-Sama said:
This isn't happening anytime soon if at all. There are waaaay too many network problems plaguing this industry, especially after MS tried to force this future upon the gamers prematurely.

And there are plenty people out there that still think physical copy superior since it gives them the opportunity to sell it to buy other games or lend it to friends.

Microsoft never came up with streaming entire games to a console via the cloud.. Without loading times....


Sony is thinking of becoming the Netflix of gaming.. Which jmo will be a future 


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Of course, i'm not saying that sony will fail, neither i wish for it. But sony is more about following the patterns of the industry than defying them, and there is nothing wrong about it. Using a popular architeture, don't making big changes on its controller, built in twicth function, trying its own take at Virtual reality, all this helped to put PS4 where it is. By all means, they have made good things with its psn store, and for me there is where they really shine and make theirs best decisions.

But think about it: PS NOW can work on most devices where netflix work + a controller(psvita, ps3, sony TVs and smartphones). Wiiu and 3DS have netflix(and a controller). Sony don't have a problem with cross play in their plattaforms. Neither nintendo have. So, at this pace and if the business man play theirs card, we can end up having sony games running in nintendo hardware officially via cloud ina close future.

Can you imagine the megatons if this happens? People talk about dreaming with zelda and mario games on PS4, but we can end with Kratos, Joel and Drake on wiiu first, hahahahahahaha.

You laugh now, but remenber that years ago, sonic fans laughed at a similar idea too.

(Favorite this thread for the future, you will not regret ;)

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Soundwave said:

Yup, I've said this before. There will be a physical Playstation 5, but I don't think there will be a Playstation 6.

Watching movies at home didn't die with the death of Blockbuster Video. 

Um... The death of blockbuster was because people watched movies at home through piracy. Blockbuster dying would have had no affect at all here.

no, no I don't want mandatory internet connection to play games.

outlawauron said:
Wow, for anyone who doubts that this is the future, please look towards Steam. It's not going to happen in 5 years, but I'll be shocked if our console ecosystem exists like it does now in 13-14 years.

That's because Steam's on a open platform in which no company owns it, being the PC.

Closed gaming platforms however, are much different, as you're under the mercy of a certain manufacturer & their rules. If you honestly think that a console manufacturer & 3rd party publishers are going to play nice & give everyone a lot of Steam-level prices of games once everything's digital only/cloud only on closed gaming platforms, then I have a bridge to sell you.

As long as it becomes just as easy to illegally download and play a game as it is music, movies and TV shows I will be happy.