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I love anime games. But unfortunately most of them are of poor quality. I know they have lower budjet and Japanese develoeprs are not in their prime but I still want to have good anime games. This is a list of games that would make my dream come true.

1. Dragon Ball: A dragonabll game with dragon ball + dragon ball z story line. I dont need open world here. I just want hack and slash & VS fight for "Dragon ball" and VS fight for dragon ball z. Cinematics has to be "in engine" and not 2d onces. Less QTE and refined fighting system. And VS fight should be like 2.5 D just like dragon ball z burst limit.

2. Naruto: Again it should feature naruto + naruto shippuden. It would be better if it includes all story since naruto will end this year. Like "Rise of a ninja" it should have open world. Cyberconnect2 has good animation and graphics but they are not good at optimizing. Tons of loading. They need to address this issue.

3. One piece: This game should be a mismash of hack and slash + assassins creed 4. A vast open world to explore. Pirate warriors type feature may be present but not not pirate warriors type platforming.

4. Bleach: It has to be like bleach sould resurreccion. But gameplay needs to be improved. And should start the story from the beginning.

So what do you guys think? I wish we also could play games based one fullmetal alchemist, fairy tail etc. But home console version wont probably come.

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I want a Cowboy Bebop game.

I wish they would localize the Detective Conan games, as a huge Ace Attorney fan I would love to be able to play some of those, I only got to play one Case Closed game, the only one localized sadly.

"I think it will be the HDS"-Me in regards to Nintendo's next handheld.


As most animes became standardized shit and most games adapted from animes are for upper high budget animes I guess I won't be interested in them.

Naruto games are good but it'll take a while before they add enough characters to make the next gen games worthwile, like every generation.

Also we need more VN adaptation in west.

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You have bad taste in anime.

DannyDanger89 said:

Dynasty warrior gundam were pretty good, but you gotta like musou series.

Also disappointed gundam age by level 5 never made it to west.

Side gril is best gril

rioskenny1 said:
You have bad taste in anime.

My taste is all right. You cant have all anime as games. These anime are perfect for games.

Berserk - Play like a souls game. Open world, more varied monsters and demon archetypes.
Gantz - Action RPG like Monster Hunter.
Kill La Kill - Action game (hack and slash).
Ghost in the Shell - Action RPG. Open world. Concept like Cyberpunk 2077.

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Naruto: By the time CyberConnect 2's yearly Naruto game releases next year, Part 2 of the manga should be finished and the recently hinted at Part 3 should have begun. I'd like to see them do one big Ultimate Ninja game with all characters from Part 1 and Part 2/Shippuden to start off next-gen with a bang, including updated movesets for some characters they've been neglecting for awhile. They'll probbaly go cross-gen next year, so I don't expect a big graphical upgrade on next-gen, mostly just increased anti-aliasing to get rid of those jaggies. After that It'd be great to see them go next-gen only with a siginifcant graphical upgrade as they start to cover part 3 of the manga. 

I also hope to see a Naruto action MMORPG like fans have been dreaming of for quite some time. Pick your starting village, pick a clan or create your own (stat bonuses and/or unique skills depending on choice), choose what areas to concentrate on in skills trees (taijustu, ninjutsu, genjutsu, etc.), large open world.

Bleach: I'd like to see CyberConnect2 stop releasing yearly Naruto games after next year's Naruto game. Instead I'd like to see them release a Naruto game one year and a Bleach game the next, start alternating between the two. It's time for a really good Bleach game, and I think CyberConnect2 can deliver that.

Sword Art Online: I'd love to see one of these make it to PS4 instead of Vita. Good graphics, set during the first season of the show preferably.