Is going XBox Exclusive franchise suicide at this point?

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Third party developers are not making XB1 exclusives because they think it is a good idea by itself, they are getting paid for it. (same for PS4 exclusives)

If the money/exposure/marketing they get from MS reduces the risk and makes up for potential lost sales, then it is a good idea.

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Well i think if you are going to do a deal that is so far out, you have to at least figure out how well the competitor is doing by then..otherwise it's lost sales. Who knows if SE has done that..would assume they would, but then companies can be pretty stupid.. we'll have to wait and see I guess.

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depends on the game, beeing exclusive can really help new ip´s like sunset overdrive, for already existing ip´s it´s more risky

No it really isn't.

No it isn't which is why Microsoft needs to keep paying them or they will not even consider an X1 port soon enough.

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We'll find out, but MS helps pay for development and marketing so that probably helps offset any potential loss by going exclusive.

Not really, (for example, Tomb Raider was already on a decline), however, the price for Micro to continue doing this will scale accordingly with the ever increasing gap though.

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AZWification said:

Using the word "suicide" here is a bit too much, don't ya think?

if you have any knowledge of the OP's history you would know she is taking it easy on the poor XB1. 

IMO we need a toastboy thread to counter this one. 

I guess this is in response to the Tomb Raider deal.

A lot of people have drawn comparisons between Tomb Raider and Uncharted. Yet despite Tomb Raider being available across two platforms Uncharted pretty much outsold it by 50%.

Tomb Raider was an expensive game to create and despite selling relatively well barely broke even. As part of the exclusivity deal Phil Spencer confirmed they are contributing to the development costs as well as giving the game a huge marketing push.

After the quality of the first title and potentially having a larger development budget I expect the sequel will be a critical success. If Microsoft can drum up even half of the Titanfall pre-release marketing hype then it will set up the game really well.

As for people not being interested in a game months down the line, do you think Xbox owners would buy The Last of Us if it became available for them now?


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it's interesting how when MS makes exclusivity deals, people have an issue with it and call it money hatting... yet someone mentioned that Capcom published an exclusive Resident Evil on GC and I don't recall gamers having any issues nor calling Ninentendo moneyhatting. I am sure before PS4 launch, there were some exclusive titles for Sony as well and no one had an issue there either.