Have you ever had a "wtf am I doing with my life moment"?

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Posting off a mobile so please excuse my spelling I its bad.


Anyways the last few weeks I've been feeling pretty down I've had huge last year and abit . Was engaged then crazy bitch decided nothing was right and left me. I then lost my license and a few months later was made redundant in a job I had been at for 5 years.


Now I felt that I had got everything back on target got new partner, which I think is better suited to be than the last one. New job new car new everything  but the problem remains I feel empty and that I'm going no where even tho I've clearly got things back on track. I can't seem to get my mind off where I'm going to be in 5 years and that I'm not gonna be the same dead end job.


Maybe some advice would help me?


Also when have you guys had this same feeling or something similar?

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Got a hobby something to do when shit rough ?

my car gets me through anything, its my shrink escape stress reliever all in one.

I had a crap job. Then worked my butt off to jump three positions a become a manager in a year.

Got a divorce....then found a girlfriend of five years now three months later.

Got custody of my kids immediately......now after years of hard single parent/gf work my youngest is in 1st grade, which means all day school! Freedom!
I bought a Wii U. Lame right? But I bought so many games that I always have a lot of fun with it.

Just go for what you want dude! Don't let life get in your way, if it does...then kick its Fucking Ass!

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I used to play football but got injured a few times stopped playing when I got made redundant. I'm not full time yet at new job but I feel I need to get into something competitive.

One other thing I've been noticing is the amount of time I spend mindlessly scrolling in Facebook. Or how may wasted hours I've played league of legends I'm up at 700 wins right now. Starting to feel I need to curb hear habits before they consume my life

Yeah...gaming is a waste. Sorry but it is. This will be my last generation. I do not need games or movies. I want to go out and do things. Stuff that holds you back....drop it.

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I think gaming in regulation is good but I've played way to much and you literally have nothing to show for it. Its all about that feeling of "winning" but straight after your back down to earth.

I think the one positive thing for me just now I've noticed it and I'm not OK with it so I can try and change it

Nope never.

Sigs are dumb. And so are you!

Sometimes I get opportunities to really advance at work and I don't take them because I'm afraid of the responsibilities. I'm limiting myself and I may regret it.

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There are few things in life that I could have done better which were actively in my control. Being more socially proactive in college would have been nice (hey, maybe i wouldn't still be a virgin...), but that's really the only significant one i can think of.

The only other one is that i should have gone straight to grad school from undergrad. It would have saved about 18 wasted months (though i enjoyed about the first six of those eighteen, 2013 was a bad year for me, only ending on the positive note that things were set for a good 2014, and it has been a good year for me so far, and looking to continue improving even next week)

So there's really no point where i wonder what might have been, because aside from that 18-month period i mentioned between getting out of college and entering grad school, there was never really a point in my life where i would have done anything differently than I did, even if they were not all the absolute best of choices.

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Here's a great song I listen to whenever I'm feeling this way. Helps me put things in perspective and continue to move on.

Leaving the Past by Immortal Technique

Some really great lines in the song.

"Hell is not a place you go if you're not a Christian / it's the failure of your life's greatest ambition"
"I freestyle my destiny / it's not written in pages"

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