Forums - Gaming Discussion - Is wii sports club the bomb of the generation?

Is it?

yes 61 45.52%
no, I mean yes 24 17.91%
see results, but yes really 49 36.57%

Global First Ten Weeks (Units)

Week EndingWeekWeeklyChangeTotal
19th July 2014 2 4,061 N/A 4,061
26th July 2014 3 7,056 73.8% 11,117

For reference the first one of the wii sports series sold 82 million and the sequel 32 million

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It would probably have to be up there. Bombed in Japan too (retail).


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yep. terrible.
they used it to sell consoles on wii. totally diferent from wii sports club.

but I wander how many wii Us it would sell if a cheap (200$?) wii sports club wii U bundle was released.

motiongaming is almost dead, they donīt sell at all except for dancing titles

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Nope, thatīs the Vita.

No. :|

EDIT: No in sence is flop.

Can't be compared to the first ones as they were heavily (read: very very very heavily) bundle to a game console that sold gangbusters. But yes, it's a major flop.

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I cant tell if its a bomb or not really, Nintendo have not pushed this game at all. They have used it in an experimental way on the Eshop for quite some time now, by being able to download individual sports, the whole package or even day passes. The physical release hasnt set the world alight, but maybe Nintendo have done ok with day passes etc. The way its been handled i think even Nintendo knew there was no more mileage in Wii sports these days.

It flopped pretty badly and rightfully so!

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