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Next XBox exclusive?

Dead Space
Pro Evolution Soccer
Resident Evil
Saints Row
No more exclusives

As you may have read, Microsoft has struck a deal to have Tomb Raider exclusive to XBox (timed exclusivity, details are still sketchy)

Should they continue to lag in sales behind PS4, it's not out of the question to have them purchase another established franchise to help them with console sales.

I have made a brief list of those that I believe have a chance to receive Microsoft's financial assistance, while leaving out ones that are unrealistic (CoD, GTA, Assassin's Creed).

My vote goes to Resident Evil, what are your favorites?

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gta or none...

i lost my bet with der Nebel

after 10m worldwide ps4 sales announcement at gamescom, while vgc was at 9, and the 538k npd september, there is no chance ps4 will sell less than 15m units unitl end of 2014

prinz_valium said:

gta or none...

LOL!! Good one xD

The Legend of Zelda ;)

"I think it will be the HDS"-Me in regards to Nintendo's next handheld.

Resident Evil seems possible, there were already rumours about it so who knows.

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It would be pretty epic if MS swings Fallout 4 as an exclusive. The "Fallout" would be hilarious to watch at the very least *pun intended*

Saints Row! :)

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FFXV and KH3 


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Looking at that poll I really hope it will be PES.... for devious reasons...

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My crystal ball is telling me it would be final fantasy 7 HD compilation.