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Zim said:
Well Onyxmeth I think you should put Publisher and developer on one line. And with such short lines double spacing isn't really needed. Is taking a lot of space atm.
I think like this would be fine

Alan Wake-TBA 2008
Developer: Remedy / Publisher: Microsoft

I think the small thumbnail pictures are good but would be nice if you could link them (can you do that?). I tried clicking a few of them as I wanted to see them bigger.

Also I think release date order would be better than Alphabetical. I realise sometimes it's not always clear e.g. if two games are Q3 but then just do those alphabetically.

Games you need to add
Halo wars
Dead Island
Supreme commander
Tales of Vesperia

I don't know how to get rid of the double spacing. Everytime I press enter it automatically goes to paragraph format and double spaces. If anyone has another way to accomplish this I'm all ears.

I also don't know if or how I can link the thumbnails back to their origin. If anybody knows either of these two things, just message me.

I'm going to stick with alphabetical, because release dates change an awful lot, and it'll cause me to move each section around constantly as games begin to get release dates. Thanks for the suggestion though.


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Onyx, hit shift+enter to get a one line spacing.

Other than that, I really like the thumbnails of the games and the list is looking great thus far.

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It's looking more and more impressive.

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An impressive list on XBox 360.

I'm looking forward to a lot of these games such as fable 2, gears of war 2, alan wake and banjo kazooie 3.

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Onyxmeth For President!

Awesome thread, loved that you included Blood Bowl!

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BengaBenga said:
Nice thread!

Alan Wake, Fable and Splinter Cell have my interest.

One thing though: House of the Dead 4 is rumoured to go Wii exclusive.

I think they might find out the sales for the 2nd and third games. (the compilation)

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Nice list

Some good looking games in there, hope that's not all tho.

The only must have for me is APB.

The guys I normally play with want it on PC even tho I'm trying to talk them round, they out number me. bah.

HOTD4 I'd love. Absolutely adore this series.

Nicely done. I didn't know about a lot of those..... man, what's with all the MMO's coming out?