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Should remakes/remaster be in the running for GOTY awards?s

Yes 26 14.94%
No 98 56.32%
Remakes only 43 24.71%
See results 7 4.02%

This seems to be a debatable topic these days. Should games like Wind Waker HD, Tomb Raider Definitive Edition, The Last of Us: Remastered, and the Master Chief Collection be able to compete for GOTY awards? Or should they be barred from competition? Should there be a distinction between simple remasters and remakes?

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Absolutely NOOO!


Depends on how big of a remake it is. I'd argue something as expansive as Metroid: Zero Mission could reasonably be on a list, but something like Wind Waker HD shouldn't.

No. I also think critics should be more critical when reviewing remastered games.


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No. Even if the remastered game improves on the original game on every aspect, it shouldn't be considered at all for GOTY. Especially if the original already won it.

Remakes... yeah, I guess.

No, unless it's a groundbreaking full remake.

I know IGN doesn't allow them and I agree that they shouldn't. Unless the game has fundamentally changed, it shouldn't be in contention for GOTY.

Remakes yes but remasters no.

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No, no awards for any of those.
Except if they give a "Remaster/remake of the Year" award.