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Every one of the first three Fable games sold better than its predecessor. The third Fable got a little lower metascore than Fable II and immediately someone in management decides that they have to do something different: something with the fad of the time - motion control. Now they want to use the fad of the today - asymmetric gaming. Next time it will be the next fad - VR. All along the public who bought the first games only want more of the same.
A regular Fable would get me hyped, this not so much!

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VanceIX said:
The gameplay looks really boring, to be honest. Not sure why they don't just make a Fable 4.

yeah, i had high hopes that fable 4 without peter would be a return to form for fable,.. a franchise with such good foundation but such poor execution thanks to peter's obsession with the weirdest of "innovations".   this new format for fable looks boring and even worse than what peter brought.  soo disappointed how the fable franchise has been handeled since it's stellar debut back on (the original) xbox.

It should be free to play...

I´m not interested in paying full price for a "assymetric MOBA".

Don't know yet because the marketing and press for this game won't start until latter this year or early next year. We really haven't seen much yet.

Not hyped. Never played a MMORPG more then likely will pass on Fable Legends.

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I think it looks cool. I signed up for the beta, so it will be nice to try it out.

I couldn't believe this was a $60 retail title. I honestly though it was going to be a $15-20 digital game. I'm guessing 1m sales lifetime.

Sigs are dumb. And so are you!

The first game for the original Xbox is still the best in the series.

Nope, I am all fabled out. Frankly, I was fabled out after the first one failed to live up to Molyneux's ludicrous hype, yet I still got the other two (bargain bin price notwithstanding).

The latest footage looks great. Looking forward to it, more so than Dragon And and Wticjter