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Here's some gameplay! http://www.ign.com/videos/2014/08/13/fable-legends-playing-as-glory-gamescom-2014

The game def looks pretty. The graphics are insanely good. I like the idea of having 4 player co-op. I'm not sure playing as the villain will be good at all. We will see. I feel like the game will suffer in the customization aspect.

Does this game have a singleplayer? The whole idea of Fable is to embark on your OWN journey and explore the world/towns. I feel like this game lost all of that. I wish they would just make Fable 4 and make it like Fable 2 just way better.

I like the enemies at least! Can't wait to play the beta.

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Ugh, game looks terrible. I find it frustrating how they just keep bringing the fable franchise down with each installment. There is so much wasted potential in Fable. They need to pass it off to another developer, give a fresh set of eyes (and ideas)!

No hype at all. Im expecting the game to sell poorly.


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It's okay, I'll probably get it when it's around $20 or so. Kinda wished we had an actual 4th Fable instead of some 4-player cooperative spinoff. Well.. I always have Fable Anniversary on PC to look forward to.

MoHasanie said:
No hype at all. Im expecting the game to sell poorly.


Should have made Fable 4... Or screw Fable, buy Kingdoms of Amalur IP and make a new game :) 

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looks pretty on the other side everything feels so basic and boring.

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I'm hyped, it's about time for a new Fable!

The gameplay looks really boring, to be honest. Not sure why they don't just make a Fable 4.

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Looks garbage.

Edit: but I have signed up for the beta just to try it out. 

Considering that there is no single player, I think I'll pass this one.