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Boutros said:
Where's Final Fantasy XIII?

probably in another kind of top 100







i kid i kid xD


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HigHurtenflurst said:
daredevil.shark said:
BTW it seems the list was made by someone who has started gaming after 2000.

I usually think these lists should be restricted to games at least 5 years old, that way the tinted goggles of shiny graphics and the excitement of "innovative new game mechanics" has worn off.
Of course if new games were not allowed not many people would want to read the list so it wouldn't be worth printing.

Then again sometimes the lists have a little too much essence of nostalgia in them too (LoZ:OoT definately deserves to be in any top 100 list if the compiler is trying to be objective, but it's nearly always in the top 5 and more often than not at number 1)

I kind of agree. Maybe not 5 years old, but I wouldn't think anything released later than 2012 is old enough to be viewed very objectively. Such games would also be too young for us to see if they're going to become truly influential, like Ocarina of Time or Mario 64 have been.

TLoU in particular received an insane amount of hype for being "cinematic". While I imagine the game will still be highly regarded a few years from now, I suspect there'll be less people frothing at the mouth over it. I certainly don't expect it to rank #1 on a whole ton of best-of lists in five years.

Here's a better list compiled by a gaming website as opposed to a film publication: http://www.gamerankings.com/browse.html

Of note is Uncharted 2 being above TLoU as it should be! Also GTA SA should be above the more recent GTAs IMO. Sucks RE4 Wii did not make it on the list though! The wiimote worked great in that game!

The Last of Us being #1 makes sense.

Lawlight said:
The Last of Us being #1 makes sense.

Not above Uncharted 2: U2 had better writing.