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Agree with everything in that article.


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Good, cause I was getting really, REALLY offended.

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Wait, so the other thread that was directed at Sony fans was allowed to go on for seven pages? LMAO gotta love that VGChartz. If I had or anyone else  wrote something similiar, or even a counter thread, it would have been locked instanty, saying that it would not end well, what kind of BS is that? 

OT: I don't really care as long as there is some sense behind what fanboys say.

I dont see the problem with using double standards against a company whose policies are centered around double standards.
Its like the perfect form of karma.

Ridiculous. No one was having a bias against Microsoft.

Everyone was mad at Square-Enix because Square knew very well that Tomb Raider sells more on Playstation platforms (& especially on PC), yet, they took Microsoft's money & ran.

They all have a right to be angry at Square for it. It's more than just Sony fans that are mad about it, it's the tons of PC gamers as well.

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PS4 is a majority market console, if it got TR as Ex more would be happy. X1 is selling bad and it getting an ex thus it pisses of a lot of people Its only given more are pissed if a low seller is getting it then a market dominatrix lol. Get it ?

Its mere numbers, none cared when PS2 games were EX as a VAST majority gamed on it. Its not some foolishness like double standards its just what the mass mob of the gaming world owns and support thus its loved or hated by their view of it. Mob ruled Rome.

Plus when a clearly hated company gets an ex that causes a majority not to have access to it, it just really easy to hate em. Especially given their easy to hate nature and history and the way they got it.

Its just numbers. Piss of a lot of people they will protest and riot, piss of a minority and they.... cant hear shit all from them can you.

Who ever is leading are going to be the one with the most comment. The double standard exist everywhere. It's also a question of appearance. To the eyes of most, MS is the anti consumer with Xbox and Sony made themselves looks like the savior of gaming.
Now people see Spencer as the savior of Xbox cause he is closer to the gamers.
When the guy came out and said EA Access was not a good product for PS gamers a lot of them said hey Sony let me decide this myself while some fanboys blindly accepted what was say.
Even when MS announced their DRM the fanboys were defending it hard. Even today some are saying that should have been the way to go. The same way some though the $600 PS3 to be ok normal and even cheap.
Fanboys will always be fanboys.

Horrendous article as far as I'm concerned.

From what I've noticed the vast majority of times that people talk about double standards, they're comparing apples to oranges.

It would take forever to go over every single thing that it's wrong with the article, but here are some of the most ridiculous bits:

1."The double standard is blatant and goes like this. Anything Sony does, praise it. Anything bad they do, defend it, justify it or sweep it away."

Has the author spent a second on the ps blog? Ps fans with their real ps ID's complain about anything and everything. Freedom Wars doesn't get a physical release date? "Incompetent Sony".", "I hope they go out of business," "they took advatange of us", "I'm switching to MS" etc.

2. "had Sony come out and announced that it had got a timed exclusive deal I guarantee you, without one shred of doubt, that the large majority would have been praising Sony and their genius."

When has Sony ever done that with huge 3rd party games that were successful on a single other platform and they owe their success to that platform alone? You can't "what if" and blame them for everything you want. They haven't done it, so your theory has zero basis.

3 "I love them, but they pull unlikable crap too. PS Now anybody?"

Who says it's terrible? Why is he treating it as everyone hates it? And if ps fans do hate it, then what about point 1? Yes, if that was a student's essay, they'd been marked down for contradicting themselves. But it's gaming journalism where you can hide behind "hey, it's my opinion". Let's not forget that it's still a t a beta stage.

4. Comparing XBONE initial policies with first years of ps3? Seriously? In what way are they equally bad? Sony made a product that was expensive and they were bleeding $200 on each ps sold. It's not like they were trying to sell it for $1000 and then changed the price after it flopped. Also, what about the first years of ps3? There were plenty of great games to play on it and that cannot be compared to xbone policies. It's also beyond obvious he doesn't have an argument from the fact that he doesn't specify what he's referring to. Ok, it was first couple of bad years.. because? That's right. There's nothing equally bad to what MS tried to pull.

5. "Phil Spencer is actually a decent and likable guy"

How on earth is that a reason to own an xbone or to be ok with ms? How does one being a likeable guy affect my gaming enjoyment? Policies do. Terrible anti-consumer practises do. Whether Kaz or Yoshida are cool doesn't.

I give this article a Knack/10. Terrible argumentation all around.

Soonerman said:
Very solid article. Sadly, not all the players have the maturity
to read this. And that's what in the end leads to all these flame wars from the Sony camp. The MS is also the same with immature players. It just happens to be that the Sony one is bigger and louder.

No one is louder than any other, ALL of the fanboys are damn loud.  Nintendo fanboys were during Wiis period, Microsoft during 360s period, Sony in PS2/3s period and even the newly arrived PC fanboys. The reason why you feel Sony is louder is because its the one outselling the competition, we would have been in the same situation if the Xbox one was outselling PS4 or WiiU outselling both or like how games are now coming on steam, no doubt. Of all the years ive spent in gaming, Ive seen too much to call one side the humble fanboys to be honest. All are the same. The only thing that made me feel uneasy about TR exclusivity was that the since the game got its popularity on PC, at least the game would have been a PC/Xbox release. And the hateful comments i saw around were mostly the ones directed to square enix and crystal dynamics not microsoft. I avoid fanboy comments to be honest

Like I said, if Microsoft, Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics would've been much more clearer during the presentation, all of this could've been avoided. I don't know if it was done on purpose or if there was poor communication, but they should've known this was going to happen. I do not support or condone the "passionate fans" actions, but maybe they lashed back because they thought bringing to PS4 too would've been the most obvious choice. They feel the console is the white knight, the one that didn't have plans for DRM, the one that costs $399 from the start, the one where the multiplatforms perform better sales wise and performance wise. So they took the game being exclusive to Xbox One as a blatant slap to their faces.