July 2014 NPD Thread! PS4: 187k, XBO: 131k, Wii U: 81k

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It's pretty minor.

Wii jumped from 400k to 700k in Feb 08 to March 08 with Smash, and then stayed at 700k+ a month. Then from March to April Wii went from over 700k in five weeks (over 140k / week) to over 700k in four weeks (over 175k / week). 

Wii U went from 15k / week in May to 28k / week in June. The Mario Kart boost is essentially 40% of what it was on Wii.

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the_dengle said:
Last July the Wii U was under 32k. This past April it was under 50k.

Clearly Mario Kart has had no effect?

Kinda overstated to be honest though. 

The Wii U's monthly average last year was about 47k ... the Wii U looks to be headed back towards 60-65k territory in fairly short order here. 

Last July was an outlier even for the Wii U ... it was like the last month of an awful 7 month long drought period where NSMBU and Nintendo Land were the only two major games available for the system (Pikmin 3 would finally launch in August 2013 to break the drought). 

The net gain seems to be a 1 month boost followed by a return to sub-GameCube numbers. 

83k for Wii U is good no ? Near from X1 in US ! It could really sell more with Europe and Japan

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steverhcp02 said:
DonFerrari said:
steverhcp02 said:

But it is a fact that it did. One game sold so much that it inflated the sales of a single console. This can't be ignored when youre talking about comparing software sales across multiple consoles. The fact it is a single title, remaster is irrelavent to the discussion. One title vastly sold a lot of copies and is only on one console, it will skew the numbers for the month dramatically. that is all. I don't understand what is being argued here.

What is being argued is that TLOUR didn't sold by itself the same as Mk8 and all other SKU in MS and Ninty portfolio... it probably weighted for like 10% of sales, maybe 20%.. but that doesn't make all others dwarves or Sony 50% marketshare in SW irrelevant.

So you agree. But I imagine everyone arguing with me is somehow offended I didnt do a dance and taunt people passive aggressively or something? I never used the word irrelevent either. Why does every discussion have to be this dramatic all-or-nothing with us or against us battle here?

I didn't take any offense... and I agree with you that the month is slow? Yes, but that is no reason to discredit 50% marketshare... but yes you don't need to parade.

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DonFerrari said:
jnemesh said:
4k1x3r said:
DonFerrari said:

Are you implying that a remaster selling enough to be 1st place is the greatest part of PS4>X1+WiiU in USA even with Mk8 and other Multiplats??? It didn't sold 1M by itself.

Exactly what he said.

This downplaying is ridiculous...

I thought TLOU:R was "just a crappy remaster that won't move hardware and that no one will buy"?  :)

Well if the "useless" TLOUR get the first position what to say about the other games??? And the excuse about being 1,3 or 4 month older for selling less isn't good because TLOUR is 12 months old.

Easy!  I bought the game and love it!  I was just pointing out comment from certain others around here

incredible.. simply incredible.. sony is returning to its PS1 days...



Comparing MK8 impact to MKWii impact does not show that Mario Kart 8 only increased sales for one week. We are looking at a 160% increase over last July versus a 40% YOY increase in April. What forces if not Mario Kart have caused such an increase?

TheSource said:

So...that quote about X1 & PS4 being up 80% compared to X360 & PS3 in their first 9 months? Based on X1 and PS4 totals in months 1-8, and X360 & PS3 totals in months 1-9, we can say that PS4 & X1 combined to sell around 338,000 in July 2014, which is down from June in line with the transition from a five week month to a four week month. 

My guess: PS4 - 213,000

X1 - 125,000

Even if you don't agree with him, you have to admit that he is a good writer. Plus, he uses alot of numbers/facts which I like a lot. 

I realy miss your articles on the Home page.

Aerys said:
83k for Wii U is good no ? Near from X1 in US ! It could really sell more with Europe and Japan

It's "good" in a way that earning $10,000 annual salary is good ... if you only earned $5000 the previous year. 

You're still poor as hell though, lol. 

This year honestly is kind of more disheartening. At least last year you could say "well there's no games!" and that was literally true, the Wii U had NSMBU, Zombi U, and Nintendo Land in Nov 2012 and then literally nothing but LEGO City until Pikmin 3 the following August. 

But this year it has Mario 3D World, Zelda: WWHD, Pikmin 3, Wii Fit U, a better/cheap bundle, DKC: TF, AND Mario Kart 8 and the baseline looks like its headed back down to a mediocre 65-70k for a normal month (way below the GameCube). 

It's sad to say, but I think it's pretty much over for the Wii U. It'll get its token bounce from Smash and then ride off to its deathbed as 2015 goes along. A shame because at E3 2014 I finally saw some fight from Nintendo and some legit good games like Bayonetta 2 and Splatoon are likely to sell nowhere what they deserve.