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Ka-pi96 said:
Teeqoz said:
Not really sure how they would not make money on a PS3 port, despite the extra cost, it has a userbase of 84 million.

They probably would, but there isn't really a userbase of 84 million. A lot of those have moved over to current gen, are multi console owners, have lost interest in buying new games, or their PS3s have broken. Even of those left only the racing game fans would be interested.

It would still be 50 million +(userbase that is, not racing fans) (and that's being pessimistic).

Edit: Heck, Sony have sold more PS3s in 2014, than MS has sild XBOs in the same period.

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Well what else can they say? Nobody bought AC4 so they don't expect anyone to buy The Crew.

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sabastian said:
Nintendo's lack of focus in the online gaming department, is the SOLE reason that most devs skip their console.

DLC, ADD ON CONTENT, if released on the Wii-U, it will be a total waste.

Get your act together Nintendo.

what has this got to do with the topic?

Also it is not hard to fit ALL the content on a disc. If something is DLC means it is not critical to the core game so why would you expent people to buy it? I never buy it on any of my systems. 



WagnerPaiva said:
Lazy devs do not want to learn WiiU´s console architecture. Also, they had 8 years to learn how to use the PS3, were you guys comatose all this time Ubi?

Devs don't need to learn Wii U architecure. 

It has been the same since gamecube but beefed up everytime. With better video card added.

The reason is weak especially coming from Ubisoft who has supported gamecube and Wii well over the years,

Just say it you think it won't sell.

Hell when they said at E3 that they had a completed game on Wii U waiting on the shelf till it sold more consoles, at least they were honest about it. Perhaps a stupid move as that game may have helped shift hardware if it was exclusive.



only feasible reason is online structure.
X360 online structure is better than wii U's and PS3's, and this game is always online.

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With the PS3, it most likely came down to time. A PS3 port would take quite a bit longer so it was probably cut so they could make their deadlines. I don't really have a problem with that, as it wasn't announced for the PS3 from the beginning.

With the Wii U, it's probably a combination of factors, including a lack of faith in the sales potential of the platform.

Wasn't it Ubisoft that stated an X360 to Wii U port cost just under $1.3 million?

At $20 per unit publisher share (of a $60 game), that's just 65,000 units to make profit.

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Well if awkward architecture is the reason then that's fair. Wouldn't sell much anyways.


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Wii U owners have not bought the games, so this is the result of an ongoing problem.

random15 said:
Wii U owners have not bought the games, so this is the result of an ongoing problem.

And PS3 owners?

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