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When will the PS4 be 3:1 to the Xbox One

January 2015 116 18.44%
When the Order 1886 comes out. 22 3.50%
WHen Bloodbourne comes out. 49 7.79%
By E3 2015. 153 24.32%
By Jannuary 2016. 107 17.01%
Sometime 2017. 43 6.84%
Sometime 2018. 12 1.91%
Sometime 2019. 6 0.95%
Never. 119 18.92%

So sony just anounced the ps4 just jumped 10m units. This just means that VGCharts has been undertracking the ps4 by a lot. While weve known for a while that they have been overtracking the x1 for a while by a lot. Germany numbers prooved this, NPD prooved this and probably others so the numbers in my guess have to be under 4.7m for the x1.

Thats a little over 2:1 and its only been 9 months since they both release.

The worst thing about this is that gamescon also showed a few new games coming in the next 6 months and they looked good, an opinion of course to you they may look uninteresting. But the thing is that MS did not anounced anything new outside of indis for the same time period, yea they might have taken Tomb Raider from sony platforms but thats over a year away and coming next to uncharted 4 so that wont help much. Also playshare coming to the ps4 seems like an awsome feture and it was well received unlike the whole drm fiasco from last year.

Outside of Quantom Brake and maybe Fable legends MS has nothing much to fight sony after the holidays and also think like alwasy they will have a summer drought. This time I think sony wont have a big summer drought and the after holiday season has a bunch of exclusives that just look gorgeous.

This gap will just keep increasing, so something tells me that somtime around E3 2015 they will anounce the PS4 is 3:1 to the x1.

What do you guys think?

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Not yet at 2:1.
Let's wait for the next adjustments.

I don't think it will increase. Unless MS stops supporting the X1 after 2015.

There is missing a never option. I don't think I'm the only person who thinks that PS4 will never reach triple the sales of X1.

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hmm what is an xbos?

depends how the holidays go I think... MS marketing machine in full tilt will surely bolster holiday sales unless sony actually tries to do something to push their product in the US... going on current trends I'd say 3 years, if ms bolsters greatly from holiday onwards probably never... if Sony wins this holiday in the US by a large margin 12-18 months after holidays

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in reference to KH3 release date

May not be just yet, but it's really just looking like it's only a matter of time before it's official according to released numbers.

This is kind of like that time when the PS4 was announced to have outsold the Wii U; lots of denial the moment the numbers showed up, but it was really just a matter of time before there was no denying it.

Still, this happened earlier than a lot of people were predicting.

Yeah I didn't expect it to happen so soon. 3:1 will never happen though.


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3:1 by summer/E3 2015

Shipments were about 10,5mi vs 7mi last quarter.

PS4 lead in the USA, thanks to NPD leak, is less than 1mi, Japan is about 700k PS4s, so more than 2,5mi diference comes from "untrakable" (or unverifiable) EU and rest of the world sales.

I donīt think there would be a reason for VGChartz undertrak solely the PS4 and be spot on the Xbox One.

And letīs say the XOne has a 20% sales drop this hollydays, and sells 4mi from octuber to december.

Do you realy think the PS4 will sell 12mi in 3 months and start open a 3:1 gap?

eva01beserk said:

This gap will just keep increasing, so something tells me that somtime around E3 2015 they will anounce the PS4 is 3:1 to the x1.

What do you guys think?

Have you actually done the math on this?

Taken the worst case scenario that X1 will only sell 8 million consoles by the end of this year. That would mean PS4 would have to do 24 million until mid june.

Still seems achievable?

People need to learn the difference between linear and exponential groth.

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