How much will Rise of the Tomb Raider sell?

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So how much on X1?

<500k 98 21.12%
1m 102 21.98%
1.5m 100 21.55%
2m 79 17.03%
2.5m 18 3.88%
3m 9 1.94%
>3m 58 12.50%

I'm gonna go with 3 million. My guess is across 360one there is about 2 million in sales. Some people will buy it because it is exclusive. And some people will buy xb one so they can play it. So I can see it clawing it's way to 3 million.

Grow the franchise it will not. And if there ever is a late port to PC and PS4 I think too many people will have moved on and put TR behind them. Not the death of the franchise, but i do think it will diminish.

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1 to 1.5m lifetime on Xbox sounds accurate. Which is a colossal failure for Tomb Raider sales wise.

The first Tomb Raider reboot couldnt even sell 2 million between the Xbone and the 360 so I will say 2 mil tops.

It will sell around 2 million or so.

TR gets the majority of its sales in Europe. You know what's not selling in Europe? Xbone. Prepare for 1 mil, maybe 1.5 mil max.

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should creep to 1 million

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1M to 1.5M regardless of whether it is timed or not.

What is important is if those 1M to 1.5M buyers are not current Xbox One owners.

Boosting hardware is more important than overall sales (to MS) but Im thinking both sales and consoles sold will underwhelm.

Between 1 and 1.5 mil, I think.

Looks like I'm not alone with my opinion. I wonder what MS thinks it will sell.

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Well the 360 and Xbox One versions of Tomb Raider (2013) sold at least 2m physical combined, maybe more since VGC has the game undertracked overall. I see no reason why Rise of the Tomb Raider won't sell at least that much (lifetime). I could even see 3 million lifetime if Rise of the Tomb Raider ends up better than Tomb Raider (2013).