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So occasionally when I load up VGchartz it redirects me to a page that is completely blank white page except for at the top where the is a black bar that reads "Please take a moment to visit our sponsors" and than a skip button on the far right.  If you hit the skip button it takes you to the Vgcharts home page, so I try to wait out the timer and it still takes me to the main page.  I've also looked to see if there are any other click-able links to actually visit the sponsors from that page and there doesn't seem to be. 

So not to sound stupid but, why can't I actually look at the sponsors from that page when it asks me to? Or what exactly is the purpose of the 20 second countdown timer?

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The content doesn't load because there's obviously an issue with the servers or because your browser isn't able to display it. Or something on your side is blocking it. Could be anything.
The timer is there to assure that you're actually viewing the ad and are not just instantly clicking on skip.

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Yeah its never loaded for me either. Maybe there are no sponsors


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I don't know, I'm just glad I discovered a skip button. When I was a lurker, it took me months to spot that!

Hehe, yeah I get that too. At least you can skip it like straight away.

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I like that skip button. I won't watch an ad,unless I'm forced to. I don't have ad block.

That happens when you use adblock... It doesn't stop the script making it appear but it does remove the sponsoren ad.. Which is kinda the point of adblock..


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