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How Do You Define "The Gap"?

Difference in 3rd Party Game Visuals 7 16.28%
Difference in Visuals for Exclusives 6 13.95%
Technical Capability of Platform 30 69.77%

I had initially put this together rather hastily, so I will try to make my intent here a little more clear.

Seeing a lot of threads discussing the gap between PS4 and XB1 and the inevitable "console wars" style responses.  So I figured I would put this poll together to see if we can nail down what the general thought on the gap is.  Based on what I have seen in the other threads, I think I have it narrowed down to just three options.  If others pop up, I will modify to add them. 

The specific thread that led to this poll is here: http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/thread.php?id=188064

Aside from just that thread there are a lot of discussions on resolution differences and "plays better on" type of conversations.  This isn't a sales gap (though that is most likely our most common definition).  Also, the third option is intended a bit as the catch-all or "all of the above" option as it is a direct cause of options 1 and 2 (as pointed out prior to this edit below).

My thoughts on the options as they are:

Third Party Games - "The Gap" here is going to be minimal as the developers are going to want people to have a specific experience playing their game.  Thus, they are going to strive for as much parity as they can.

Exclusives - "The Gap" here is going to be larger, mostly based on the third option.

Technical - This one has no real argument.  The PS4's greater specifications (regardless of where on the greater scale you personally believe it to be) is a fact.

I don't personally care for the gap, but am curious to see just what the gap in this context is to most others.

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I thought it was difference in sales.

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Out of those options, I'm going with the 3rd. Both options 1 and 2 are the result of option 3.

Man, I couldn't care less of the graphical gap between the two. I don't own either of them, but it wouldn't be graphics that decided which console I would get; it's all about the exclusives - and Wii U wins in that regard ;) Graphics isn't the end all be all

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spurgeonryan said:
I thought it was difference in sales.

sales.  graphics.   games.   clearly the answer is always 2:1.

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Wheres option all of the above ?

BeElite said:
Wheres option all of the above ?

Option 3 pretty much is "all of the above", since both 1 and 2 are a result of 3.

Zekkyou said:
BeElite said:
Wheres option all of the above ?

Option 3 pretty much is "all of the above", since both 1 and 2 are a result of 3.

This.  I was rather hasty in putting this poor excuse for a poll/thread together.  Modified it to potentially make it more clear (also rather hastily, I am at work).

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Oh, console wars wise... Obviously #3 is a given. But, after that is understood, it is #2 based on how the multiplats of late are very similar.

It is near the end of the end....

All you need to know is that the gap is wider than you think.