So sick of the whole "this gen has no games" talk. Here is the truth.

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I wasn't really going to make this thread, but I've been seeing so many people complain how about this gen (Ps4, Xbone, and to a lesser extent Wii U) has not had that truely next gen game yet. Here is the truth to video games and why everyone who says that is DEAD WRONG. :)

We are in the year 2014. The Ps4 and Xbone came out last year. So what does that mean? We're closing in on the first full year that these two consoles have been out. There is about 4 or so months to go before the first full year is up. 

Why does this matter? Well basically everyone is soon to forget the last generation of games; namely the Xbox 360 (Ps3/Wii to a lesser extent, they came out a year later). 

Let's bring ourselves back to holiday 2005. The 360 comes out on November 22. What games launched for it? Oh yeah, Kameo Elements of Power and a

Most would probably says Gears of War. And I would have to agree with that. However it came out in Nov of 2006, a full year after the system even launched. What then about the other consoles?? Well the Ps3 launched with Resistance and, and.... That was it. The Wii??? WIi sports. Um. Yeah.


So basically, to sum this up... Let's have a bit of patience when talking about "that one game that'll truely be next gen". Let's enjoy the decent games up to this point, and if you want to wait for 2015 when the real games will come out, then wait. So far we've gotten Titanfall, Infamous Second Son, and multiple Wii U games that probably would NOT be possible on their previous console iterations. 



Remember guys: 2015 is the year. Two years after the launch. Why do I know this??

Look two years after the previous launch. 2007. What came out that year??? Lair. 


Just kidding. 2007 saw the releases of Mass Effect, Halo 3, Bioshock, Super Mario Galaxy, Call of Duty 4 (The BEST COD), Zelda Phantom Hourglass, and more. 

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Agreed. The first year is always a bit weak but early adopters must know that. The second year is often much better.


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Hah. My first year with the 360 was Kameo, Splinter Cell Double Agent, PGR3 and Alone in the Dark if I am not mistaken. Four games for a whole year. Great times, though :)

I don't know, man... To me MK8 is the first game that really screams 8th gen to me, but I do agree that all this bitching is getting annoying!

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I think Titanfall could have been a true next gen game if it did not come out on the X360 too, due to it's amazing physics. The wii u will only have a true next gen game when the tablet controller is utilized well which could happean with zelda u, otherwise every other game could easily be done on last gen consoles. The ps4 needs a new Ip such as when the ps3 had uncharted and little big planet.

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Acually, compared to the first year of last gen, this year is pretty great. We've got Titanfall, Watch Dogs, Destiny, Mario Kart, Infamous, Forza and a lot of stuff to come before the first year is even up.

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Example? PS2 - launched with games like Tekken Tag (upgrade of Tekken 3) and Ridge Racer V... yet it wasn't until 2001-2 that games that defined the console like FFX and Metal Gear Solid 2 came out.

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Yeah first year is always weak.

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