Forums - Nintendo Discussion - After 2 years, Nuketown 2025 DLC finally comes to Wii U Black ops 2. Possibly a Good sign or bad sign for CoD:AW?

For Black ops 2 owners, you can now down load the DLC for free after 2 years of waiting. I kind of find this weird that they put out this DLC now. Kind of makes me thinking is this possibly a sign that they are saying sorry that they have no plans of releasing Advanced Warfare on Wii U. Or could it be a sign that they maybe trying to win back a couple of the Wii U owners by leaving them with a good taste in there mouths. Possibly making them have a more positive view on this game and hopefully buy it. It could even be a sign that Advanced Warfare will hit the Wii U in 2016.

Still no word on Advanced Warfare Wii U status. As far as I've seen, Activision has yet to come out and say no Wii U version. There has also been some recent sighting of the Wii U being in the source code of Advanced Warefare website. But time is running out on the Wii U version announcement.


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All 5 of those guys must be giddy with excitement.

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Probably a bad sign... Not that anyone cares


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Pfft! And you guys said the Wii U was dead. >.>

Me and the other 2 guys that still play Blops 2 on WiiU from time to time are glad it's free.

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I played blops on the wii u not long ago. Crowded by no means but 1500-2000 players avg with no wait for basic matches.

So kinna like gears or halo on 360 6mo after launch.

Wii U saved! Now the Wii U will outsell the PS4 AND XBO!!!!

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MohammadBadir said:

Me and the other 2 guys that still play Blops 2 on WiiU from time to time are glad it's free.

hey one of them is me! hi five! let's find the other lol

well this just inspired me to do some black ops right now

I traded in my copy of BLOPS 2 after the false promise of DLC that activision said they were going to do!

However this might entice me to get it again, at a cheap price..

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"Better late than never".

Haha, but late hurts even more. This is kinda embarrassing you know. But well, I will play the game for a while when Nuketown becomes public.