Sony should make Photo Mode a PS4 exclusive mode (including 3rd Party)

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With inFamous already having the photo mode and now The Last of Us and even Driveclub to get it, it seems to me like all the 1st Party Games will be getting this mode. To me it just seems like they took the code from inFamous and implanted into The Last of Us. So Sony should give this code to 3rd Party Developers and make it a PS4 exclusive thing. 

Think about GTA V with Photo Mode, the city is huge and I would love to get better angles on the city. 

Yes I know inFamous isn't the first game to do this, saw this in Dragon's Dogma but I think other games will follow with this but I think Sony should go to 3rd Party developers first, give them the code in exchange for it being an exclusive mode.

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I'd actually like this.

MotorStorm actually did this same photo mode or at least very similar. There are so great pics from InFamous and TLoU floating around now, I hope it does get implemented in many more games like The order and Uncharted 4.

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Great idea, im loving The Last of Us photo mode so far. It's probably gonna make the campaign twice as long as im always pausing the game to take pictures lol. I would love to see one in the Order and the Witcher, photo mode would be perfect as those two games look stunning. Bloodborne would be great too.

At least 1st party games should all come with this mode from now on, it's great to appreciate the work they have done with their games.
Now if they get a deal like this to 3rd party implement it too only in PS4 versions of their games, that would be good too, good to Sony, good to the companys and good to us PS players.

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I would love if every game got this. It's a pretty simple idea, Most games have a button free for the mode as well.