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Ok I know that Wii Usold like 59k the past weeks but that's really close to 60k and it's probably been undertracked a bit so some new baselines for the rest of 2014 are (what I predict)

Wii U-60k


Nintendo really seems to have the rest of the year paved out for them


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Inb4 But But But They Adjusted It Back Up To Over 60k

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Could be. Seems steady now, but until more games or deals come out the only way is down.

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The WiiU baseline may go up a bit once Hyrule Warriors comes around, so I wouldn't count on it staying on around 60k till SSBU, probably to something around 65k-70k. Though the 3DS one seems about right, unless SSB3D boosts it up quite a bit.

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It's acceptable, even for what Nintendo is looking.

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I'm guessing 40-60k will be the baseline for the wiiU. I could see it staying steady or dropping down.

Anyway these sales for wiiU are quite poor...double compared to last year,but still low...
Maybe these numbers let nintendo make even a little profit(like gamecube did).
60k baseline is far to be good,it should be around 100k in a week without new releases!
Im curious to see the holiday period,and more in general from the middle of september to the end of the year...
Even the 3ds is getting worse,but it did and will go on doing well for another couple of year,till the new console comes out.

The WiiU's baseline could improve once Smash comes out, but I wouldn't necessary count on it!

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Wii U seems right but I feel like the 3DS is being over tracked by a large amount.


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I think hyruule wariors, bayoneta2, sonic, and skylanders will increase the baseline a bit each. asuming at most 5k each. If we take the max then by the time smash comes out the baseline should be almost 70k then smash will push it to 90k. So next year I expect the wii u to sell a lot more decently.

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