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So the MCC is one of the most hyped up games of the year, and a lot of people are expecting to be a big seller for XBO. But how big? Can it beat the most popular HD Collection of them all? The GOW collection has sold 2.51m units according to VGC, I think the MCC could outsell it. 

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MCC will outsell it. If I am not mistaken it also allows access to the Halo 5 beta.

I think it'll easily outsell it. 2.5mil is darn good for a collection, though. I had no idea GoW was that big.

Next is the Gears collection for XB1! I expect it no later than holidays 2015!

MCC will outsell it.

Is there a doubt? This will sell really high.
2.5M won't be a problem.

I don't see why not. Halo 2 was especially popular

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Should outsell it fairly easily.

I think it will sell leagues above it, to amazing collection of games though :).

MCC will without a doubt outselll GoW collection


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Not even a contest.