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It has now been a little over 2 months since it has released and most of it has put wii u around 60k for the week. Is that what you were hoping for or you were expecting more?


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Well, before people were saying (and some still are) that the Wii U is dead; MK8 has singlehandedly doubled weekly sales and has consistently put the Wii U above XBox One during the summer drought (if VGChartz is to be believed). I'd say it's done greater than any other game released for the current generation of systems. At the very least, it has significantly improved the sales of the Wii U :)

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MK8 doubled the WiiU's baseline, so yes! MK8 is indeed doing its job!

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It did a really good job. I remember a lot of people saying that the wii u will fall back to 30k after 2 weeks.
Seems like that is not the case.

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will be the best selling home console exclusive game of this gen on the worts selling console.

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For as dead and toxic of a console as the Wii U is, Mario Kart 8 did help. It definitely had it's work cut out for it.

However, Wii U is still not selling well. Let's not sugarcoat this.

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It is not just MK8, it is the combination of the summer drought and get MK8 + get one free game and that made people jump early to get a Wii U..

I think the tail is lasting longer than most of us realistically expected, but that said, it didn't give as large or pronounced as boost as many of us were hoping/expecting.

I still think MK8 will sell a million Wii Us, but now it's looking as though it'll take ~30 weeks to do so, instead of the 8 I was expecting.

A certain user here said that Mario Kart 8 won't do jack shit and also Nintendo fans would shut up when the Wii U falls back to 30k baseline. I won't name the user (in fear of getting banned), in short Mario Kart 8 has done wonders and Nintendo fans have gotten louder.

So yes, Mario Kart 8 has done its job!

I honestly feared that hardware sales would revert to 30K after about 5 weeks or so. I'm so happily wrong.

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