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With the 9 upcoming huge Nintendo Wii U titles and the lack of 3rd parties on the console, the question beckons, are we missing more by owning a Wii U alone, or by not owning a Wii U?

Bayo 2


Smash brothers

Toad treasure trail

Hyrule warriors

Mario Maker


Yarn Yoshi

Zelda U


Many other upcoming console games will be exclusive to either PS or Xbox, meaning, to have them all, you would need more than one console anyway. Nintendo are by far the best 1st party developerer and have the best exclusves. Will all or most games eventually become exclusive? Will Nintendo increase their output, eventually providing us with more than enough games? Who knows, but one thing is certain, 3rd parties are purposefully avoiding Nintendo, while Nintendo seem to be increasing their output of games.

And so the main question beckons, now that the war between Nintendo and 3rd party developers has begun, who will win?

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By not owning a Wii U, there's just too many Third Party games!

Third parties will win looking at wii u sales but, as someone who's currently a Wii U only gamer, I'm largely satisfied with the future Wii U line-up.

Some of my favourite Wii U games have been third parties so I can't pretend it's not a huge loss for the system.


None of those games makes me want to shell out $299.99 for a console. Just a bunch of sequels of franchises I've played for 10+ yrs.  Splatoon is nothing but a kid friendly/Mother approved Call of Duty.  

A Star Fox reboot would get me interested, but after seeing Miyamoto's recent tech demos of Giant Robot and that Surveillence Camera game makes me think he has lost his touch.  Yes, I know Star Fox is an old franchise, but it is one franchise Nintendo hasn't milked to high heaven. 

Well third party developers won't lose anything by not being on the Wii U. Their games don't sell on that console. Nintendo will lose because many customers will not purchase a Wii U since it has the lowest amount of games and most are Nintendo games.


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There is no "war". The WiiU requires the most money/resources to port too, while simultaneously providing the smallest pay off. It's simply not worth it to the majority of developers/publishers.

If you believe there is some kind of war, then 3rd parties already won. The WiiU isn't what you'd describe as a huge success for Nintendo, either financially or in sales.

The WiiU is a great console for fans of Nintendo games, but the lack of 3rd party support has made it completely irrelevant to everyone else.

It's an interesting question. Nintendo systems will miss the majority of high-profile third-party but host all of Nintendo's first and second party content. Sony and Microsoft systems will host all the third party games but, obviously, miss Nintendo's exclusive games.

I would argue that it's more important to own the Nintendo systems, despite the scarcity of third party content. Nintendo's software is just too good. Naturally, owning all systems is the ideal situation, but, failing that, owning only Nintendo systems is preferable to owning anything but.

That's just my two cents.

I think Nintendo has just stopped chasing third parties. Simple as that. They're focusing on exclusive content. It's a loss, but if you have almost any other console, current or last gen, you're fine.

Honestly it's not even a question, you will miss more by only owning a Wii U than you do by not owning a Wii U.

Also I'm just gonna ignore the obvious opinion that you dressed up as a fact in your OP.

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"With the 9 upcoming huge Nintendo Wii U titles and the lack of 3rd parties on the console, the question beckons, are we missing more by owning a Wii U alone, or by not owning a Wii U?"


And there is no war. Nintendo should be an exclusive box, anyway.

Well, this is new.