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This is what is wrong with America.


Sony Computer Entertainment America has been hit with a lawsuit alleging "deceptive marketing" of Killzone: Shadow Fall because the PlayStation 4 game's multiplayer mode does not run at the resolution advertised.

The suit, filed by California resident Douglas Ladore in Northern District California court, alleges that Sony advertised Killzone: Shadow Fall would run at native 1080p resolution but "used a technological shortcut that was supposed to provide 'subjectively similar' results."   - POLYGON

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LOL! Wow! This is probably not gonna go through but boy, if it does, it will make my day


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I am surprised people have not sued Sony for TLoU. (Not PS fans of course)

This is just........ Ah, fuck it! >_>

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Awesome!!! I hope with something like this game developer stop false advertising and consumer get what game developer advertise!!!

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That's why games have all those terms and conditions because some people will sue over literally anything.

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Someone didn't read their EULA

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VanceIX said:
Someone didn't read their EULA

I don't think physical description necessary falls under EULA. 


Ubisoft, prepare yourself!

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Deceptive marketing is a real trend in lawsuits and I won't be surprised we'll see more game related ones..


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