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Which Number 1 was a better game ?

Forza Motorsport - 2005 17 18.48%
Gran Turismo - 1997 66 71.74%
Grid - 2008 8 8.70%

Welcome back to the Rating Game.


Number 1's. 

Their the beginning, the entry to a birth of something new.

Racing games. 

There are too many to count, but we gamers have a deep passion for racing games. They bring us maybe the closest we will ever get to sitting behing the wheel of a super car, racing down an Italian speedway, on our way to the finish line with 200 srceaming fans.........

When it comes to racing games, we need just a few things for it to be a hit. Great controls, precise handling, a good diverse list of cars and also a broad selection of tracks to race on. Everything else is butter on hot toast.

These 3 racing games ushered in an era of superiority in their selected genres, but the questions is,

Which #1 was the best,

And what about  it that makes it stand above the other two.

Forza Motorsport 1 - 2005


Gran Turismo 1 - 1997


Grid - 2008


This is the Rating Game.......................................

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Gran Turismo - 1997, no doubt.

Grid for me. Gran Turismo and Forza seem a bit boring to me while Grid is just fun

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Gran Turismo, the real driving simulator.

Nostalgia overload inc.


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Forza> GT> Grid (all 3 of those racing games are certainly very fun! )

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This doesn't make sense to me. Are you comparing 1997's GT with 2008's GRID? Obviously GRID would be better in almost every conceivable way. I guess I'm supposed to factor in the date of release, in that case:

Gran Turismo > GRID > Forza

Now, it may be said that any Sony fan would say that, but if we talk about the latest instalments then I have to mention that Forza beats GT in my book. Driveatars are very cool, and there are other things that make forza better imo.

This is simple, GT.

Simpler yet, 99% of everyone that doesn't vote GT wasn't around or a full time proper gamer back in '97. There was everything else before, everything else after and then there was GT.

Every racing simulator today (not talking about the arcade stuff) is built on the formula that GT created. There is something in every racing game that can be traced back to things that GT did. even if its just the replays. And no racing franchise has sold or impacted the industry, actually both industries (gaming and automotive) like GT has.

We can't compare a game from 97 with one from '08
So in terms of importance that the game had in their time and how good they were, Gran Turismo and there's not even a contest.

weird comparison, because of the time frames.

ganoncrotch said:

Gran Turismo, the real driving simulator.

Nostalgia overload inc.


I still get goose bumps playing that 1st game.