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And here's some pretty cool news...probably. 

Yuki Kaji and Ayana Taketatsu Announce Marriage

Both are (relatively) high profile voice actors, so its pretty cool to see stuff like this. Hopefully Eren and Kirino have a happy life together.

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Spring '19 round off

Winter '19 Rollover - Dororo - A show of great highs and lows, some of the best and worst animation this season, thoroughly great tho and whilst not always delivering in its 24 episodes, this was My AOTS.

New - Fruits Basket 2019 - Not something I would normally watch, and definitely being turned off initially due to the premise but its hooked me. The characters, the music, the feels. Very very good.

Winter 2010 Pickup - Katangatari - Instant pickup after finding it was from Isin Nisio, one of the best shows ive seen easily.

Fansubbed - Nastume Yuujinchou Movie - Anything Natsume is great (favourite anime bias) was a nice return to Natsume and now im sad untill we get a season 7.

Fansubbed - Zoku Owarimongatari - Perfect way to end the main series, what a ride across 10 series and 3 films.

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Super_Boom said:
Farsala said:

Now is the choice between the other 50+ shows that I want to watch...

That's quite a list @_@

I've been trying to be more hand-to-mouth with my backlog, otherwise it gets overwhelming. Made a deal recently with a friend that I would watch Hyouka if he would watch Netjuu no Susume. 

Hyouka is pretty good..I like how it can be about basically nothing and still be interesting to watch, and how mundane conversations usually have some plot importance later on. I'd say it passes the "Tea test"...meaning that the characters are fun enough to watch that I can see them do nothing but drink tea for 22 minutes and still enjoy it.

Almost done with it but it'll probably end up as my favorite KyoAni show. Yeah, even better than the one with the blonde girl that rubs her boobs for power. Hard to believe.

I watch a lot of anime every year, so when I had to quit for like 5 months I fell massively behind. I probably won't hit my usual 40-50 (60-70 seasons) shows per year, this year. But if I am entertained enough it might happen. And to be fair to my backlog is that I haven't actually written it out or counted it, it could be much more or a bit less. I always just a pick a show from other lists that is on my mind and get rolling.

It's the new season, my dudes!

Today we have two new animes.

Sounan desu ka?
An anime about school girls stranded on a tropical island. Looks quite entertaining and since it's only half length there isn't any reason to not watch it.


Tejina Senpai
It's about a girl in a school club for magic, but she has terrible stage fright. Looks alright and is also only half length.


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Shirobako movie scheduled for next Spring.  One of the best anime of the last decade.  Looks like disaster strikes.  I can't help but wonder if it's going to reference something that happened in the industry.  

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Fuck movies -.- I'm still waiting for Promare to show up anywhere.

So I watched Sounan desu ka? and Tejina Senpai yesterday. They're both a bit different from my expectations.

Sounan desu ka uses its premise very well, even though it's clumsily written and executed. The fan service is quite meh. But it's certainly something different and enough to keep me interested.

Tejina Senpai is a weird one. But not really weird in a good sense. Tejina's character is all over the place and even for my taste a bit too hyper. The male MC is just a wet blanket and has terrible chemistry with her. Tejina has potential but the show needs to mellow down and introduce more and interesting characters. The fan service was alright but felt a bit too forced and obvious.

Today's new shows are:

Kanata no Astra

Looks like an extremely generic sci-fi high school show. The director also did Gakkougurashi, which was excellent, so he has some experience with survival scenarios. It could be alright or even good but I'm keeping my expectations very low.

Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru?

Looks like a terrible fan service anime with a flimsy premise to show girls in tight outfits, BUT everything I've heard and seen so far is pretty good. Apparently it's a very motivational anime with great characters. I'm looking very much forward to it.

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Wow Summer season has already begun. So far I've just tried Kanata no Astra, Sounan Desu Ka, and Magic Senpai.

I only found out recently that the author of Sket Dance went to on to write an award-winning space manga, and wasn't sure to what to expect. Kanata no Astra's definitely not a gag manga this time, even if some of the slapstick is still there, and it had me interested from beginning to end. Seems like the ensemble cast has potential, the character designs are really good, and I like the overall premise, hope it stays strong. 

Sounan didn't do much for me, felt like some of the survival jokes were more uncomfortable than funny, but maybe it picks up more later. Plus the main girl's design is fantastic.

Magic Senpai is pretty good. Hot girl with Self-insert MC doing wacky things had me chuckling once or twice. Doesn't seem like it will require much mental investment, and at only 12 minutes I'll probably keep up with it.

I'll try the dumbbell girl show and some isekais later, though don't much expectations there. Dr. Stone and Fire Force have my interest the most right now.

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Okay with spring basically over I'll go over my rankings like I did last season, even though I didn't watch as much.

First I want to give an honorable mention to Demon Slayer and We Never Learn, only seen a few episodes from both, but I do intended to catch up on Demon Slayer some time this week and hopefully finish We Never Learn during the weekend.

4. The Rising of the Shield Hero 2nd Occur: It definitely peaked during the first (even then the first half peaked during its first half), but it was still an overall decent show. I enjoyed the main part but, the other 3 heroes left a lot to be desire and felt both underdeveloped and useless most of the time. I will though probably watch season 2 if it gets made.

3. Fruits Basket Season 1: the original Anime has been on my too watch list since like early high school, so I decided with the remake annoucement last year I figure I watch this. While it did take a few episodes for me to get into, I am honestly really enjoying and can see why the Manga is consider to be a Shoujo classic and will definitely be watching the 2nd occur and later seasons. 

2. Jojo Part 5 3rd Occur: As someone who went into Part 5 with low expectations due to Manga reader's saying this is one of the parts, I was completely blown away by this part and its honestly my favorite part so far and solidify Jojo in my top 3 favorite Anime's overall. 

1. Attack on Titan Season 3 Part 2: Wit Studios did the arc that made Attack on Titan one of my favorite Manga (with the most chapters having made the series, quite possibly my favorite Manga period) justice. It felt like great to see so many moments I loved from this arc finally be animated and seeing Anime only's like my Brother react to all of the crazy twists this season a treat. I am so excited to see the final season next fall which will adapt the Marley arc, which is my personal favorite arc in all of Attack on Titan. 

For Summer, I plan on watching Fire Force, Vinland Saga, Doctor Stone, and continuing with Fruits Basket. 

Edited now ive picked up everything I plan to watch this summer.

Dr.Stone - has one of the strongest first episodes I've seen this year, really set this one nicely, was looking forward to this one for awhile and the first episode didn't disappoint.

Spring Leftover: Fruits Basket - episode 14 was one of the saddest episodes yet. Really can't say a bad thing about this show ... I need to see more of sexy snek boy tho.

Fire Force - David Productions .... the animation was increadible ... beyond what I would expect from DP also ... Tanned muscle girl :ok_hand: 

Vinland Saga - 3 episodes at once but episode 4 is 3 weeks away .... sigh. This is Wit Studios at their best, could easily be a contender for best show this year if Wit do a good adaption. 

Continuing: Banana Fish - I'm really slacking finishing this one up, it's taken multiple seasons but another 10 episides to go and im done, such a good show I don't want it to end.

Completed: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Part 1&2 - after so many attempts it finally clicked, what a wild ride part 2 was. No longer a Jojo noob. Just started Part 3. 

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Holy shit! Fire Force is fucking amazing. I went in completely blind other than some people having high expectations. I was hooked by the time the OP rolled in. The animation, the art design, the seemless blend of CGI, the direction and edits, everything high class. The first episode is straight up 10 and I don't give those lightly. You can see that a lot of love went into the production, so I expect it to continue excellently. Hottest contender for AOTY and after only just one episode.

Granbelm is about as fun as I thought it would be. It's really colorful and the SD mechs are cute. I think they overdid it with the massive rage of 2 of the characters, doesn't leave much room for more development.

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